TannerMeyer Drapery Guide: To Puddle or Not to Puddle?

TannerMeyer provides advice on hanging different types of drapes and curtains in each room of the house. Window treatments are a luxurious addition to any home, but can also be a challenge when it comes time to hang them.  It can be quite daunting if you have never done this before. In addition to design, functionality, and budget, you then have to figure out how you want your drapes to hang. The quick answer to this is that there is no answer. That being said let me elaborate on what the recent drapery trends have been: a. Whenever possible hang your drapes as high to the ceiling as possible to give them height and drama.  For more drama, select a more substantial or luxurious fabric appropriate to the room. b. Finer silks in living/dining rooms look great with a generous “puddle” of five to six inches on the floor. c. Other silks in less formal rooms function well with a “break” of one to two inches on the floor. d. Less formal linens and cottons hang nicely with a “skim” of a half inch on the floor. e. For a more contemporary look, around a half inch off the floor [...]

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TannerMeyer Shares Advice on Successfully Staging a Home

TannerMeyer shares a few kernels of knowledge from what they have garnered from fourteen years of experience in home staging.  Window treatments, bedding, and blinds all come together to give a home a stylishly refined quality.  When staging a home to sell, they also play an important part in bringing a cohesive quality that is inviting and inspiring for prospective buyers.  Here are few tips we have picked up over the years to help you successfully stage a home to sell: Find a Common Theme Throughout What do I mean by this you ask? I mean pick a color palette and do not vary. Pick a primary semi neutral color for the walls and don’t go more than two shades lighter or two shades darker throughout the rest of the house. Include window treatments, bedding, and other textiles within the selected palette.  Make the tiles, backsplash, granite, and (yes) the outside all fit within that color scheme. When in doubt always pick the lighter choice. Even if everything is light you can ground a room with a medium-dark floor or other elements such as black/charcoal/wrought iron features. Also, art and focal pieces tend to pop in a room full of [...]

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TannerMeyer Drapery and Bedding: The Secret behind a Finished Look

TannerMeyer shares ways to achieve the ultimate look of refinement and sophistication in a living space or bedroom. Drapery and bedding make an incredible impact on the look and feel of an entire room.  If you want to design a room that has that finished look to it, it is imperative that you select high-quality window treatments and bedding that will catch your eye and offer a luxuriously comfortable ambiance. Many people ask how to achieve the “finished look” with their bedding or drapery.  The answer is simple:  Fabric, Fabric, Fabric!  Today more than ever, consumers are attuned to the texture of fabrics used in home design.  TannerMeyer Drapery, Bedding, & Blinds has long been in sync with customers’ concerns and preferences, offering an array of textured fabrics for drapery and bedding; from rich chenilles and hand-sewn crewel embroideries to finely-woven slubby linens. "The mood of a room can change dramatically thanks to the texture of the drapery and bedding," said Tim Tanner, co-founder of TannerMeyer, the largest provider of designer drapery, bedding, and blinds in the Mid-South for nearly a decade. The texture of the fabric is as important as the color and style. The Importance of High-Quality Drapery [...]

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Custom Bedding Design Tips from Tanner Meyer

Bedding can truly make a difference in creating a rich and luxurious bed.  Have you ever seen a really well-put together bed?  If so, you know that a lot of thought and investment goes into making a bed “pop”.  When designing a lavish bed, there is a lot to consider regarding bedding, fabrics, design coordination, selection, pricing, sources, construction, quality, and more.  However, there are three basic elements that are key to creating any amazing bed – functionality, top of bed, and loft. Functionality:  This pertains to the functional pieces that touch the body (i.e. sheeting and blanketing).  It is important not to skimp on sheets and blankets, even if they are not generally visible.  They are the elements that surround your body and create a luxuriously comfortable sleeping experience.  Make sure sheets are high-quality Egyptian cotton, and do get caught up on thread count.  The quality of sheets depends on the quality of the cotton, including how it is milled and woven, and a higher thread count does not necessarily equal a better sheet.  Ideally, a 600 thread count is best because it feels luxurious yet lets the body breathe.  Be sure to purchase fitted sheets that are deep [...]

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TannerMeyer Drapery, Bedding, and Blinds Announces Grand Re-Opening

Scaling Down to Scale Up! Tim Tanner and Kip Meyer, owners of the largest window treatment boutique in the Mid-South, announce a grand re-opening and re-engineering of their business. In January 2013, Tim Tanner and Kip Meyer, former owners of three curtain stores in Memphis and Nashville for nearly a decade, re-opened the Memphis location under the new name TannerMeyer Drapery, Bedding, & Blinds. In 2012, the Nashville location was sold to a well-known designer and Kip Meyer returned to Memphis to fine tune the new business with Tanner. “For years we have been asking our customers what is most important to them when shopping for designer drapery, bedding, and blinds. Of course selection, price, and quality are important, but at the end of the day the resounding answer is MAKE IT EASY,” said Meyer. The two spent months re-engineering their predominantly in-stock and custom curtain panel store into a full service window treatment, bedding, and design hub. According to Tanner, “The process for designing high quality window treatments and bedding is a very daunting one. Often times it is best left to designers. What we did was spend a great deal of time assembling products from all over the [...]

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