Huron Automatic Screw Company Springing for Sustainable Practices

The manufacturing industry is often cast as a heavy-pollutant contributor, but companies like Huron Automatic Screw Company are acting to change this perception. With Spring in motion and Summer right around the corner, the blooming of Michigan’s beautiful environment reminds us at Huron Automatic Screw Company of the importance of using sustainable practices. We consider it to be an obligation to our community when it comes to adopting ‘greener’ standards. As a premium manufacturer to a large portion of the state, we understand that we have an opportunity to make a positive difference in both a small and large scale, while simultaneously leading by example within the industry. At Huron Automatic Screw Company, implementing sustainable practices is an essential part of our business. Why Push for Sustainable Manufacturing? Obviously, there is a moral obligation for companies to adopt sustainable practices, but there are also plenty of practical reasons as well. In fact, sustainable manufacturing leads to reduced costs, increased customer appeal, and decreased environmental, health, and safety impacts. Here are a few reasons to ‘Go Green’: Reducing waste during manufacturing processes increases operational efficiency and cuts unnecessary costs. Creating a sustainable reputation fortifies relationships with existing customers, while attracting new [...]