Huron Automatic Screw Company Values Environmental Sustainability

Huron Automatic Screw Company continues to evolve, focusing on technology and sustainability along with the transportation industry. Every generation has its cause and for the millennials it is creating environmentally responsible methods to maintain the lifestyle our country has become acquainted to. For the automotive and transportation industries, supporting sustainability and advancing technology have been two of the biggest drives in recent years. Huron Automatic Screw Company supports sustainability efforts by valuing the evolution of technology and the continued improvement of manufacturing processes. Transportation Shifts Toward ‘Running Green’ Automotive and transportation manufacturers have an increased value to ‘go green’. A Missouri based manufacturer Orange EV has made the news recently for its noticeable expansion as a result of their premium line of sustainable vehicles. In a recent addition of Fleet Owner magazine, a spokesperson for Orange EV stated that, “Fleets have been telling us for two years that they want a new truck option. Now they can get it in the same industry-leading chassis they already know and rely upon.” They have been reforming their vehicles, ranging from heavy transportation to large farm equipment, to be environmentally friendly. Orders for their new T-series pure electric Terminal truck have been flowing in [...]

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Porsche Releases Sustainability Report for 2016

As part of their commitment to transparent sustainability practices, Porsche has released an updated Sustainability Report for 2016. Santa Barbara, CA, June 2016 – Porsche drivers can now read about the brands ongoing efforts to save resources, pioneer electric power, and implement sustainable manufacturing practices in the newly released Sustainability Report. The report was compiled per the Global Reporting Initiative and documents Porsche’s current achievements and future strategies. “We are proud of the steps Porsche is taking to encourage transparency in the automotive industry and to lead the way in sustainability reporting and responsibility,” shares Porsche Santa Barbara General Sales Manager, Bill Fogg. Among the topics included in the report is the environmentally responsible use of raw materials, the development of potential alternative drive options, and the ongoing quest for more efficient engineering innovations. Ways that Porsche is implementing these ideals is by committing to make every new model generation more fuel efficient and to reduce emissions by ten percent. Additionally, Porsche’s sustainability efforts reach beyond environmental responsibility. They also focus on creating a more sustainable and efficient corporate culture through outreach training programs and performance-oriented standards to create a brand-wide team of capable employees who feel supported and valued [...]

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