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A Chicago-based business venture addresses the long-time industry problem of easily liquidating surplus cutting tool inventory for a profit. At the root of our business culture today is the need for creative problem solving. Take a look at any of the most successful companies in the United States and consider what they all have in common: they offer a unique solution to a specific problem. Whether it is by creating innovative communication devices, offering much needed health and medical services, or delivering effective business services, the top companies have all found a way to fill a need or solve a problem. This process is exactly how came to be. How We Began – The Problem was started by the experienced team at Industrial Surplus Solutions, Inc, based in Chicago, IL. Our team leadership brings over 100 years of industrial experience within various industry facets including distribution, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and management. The online service was created as an answer to a long-time industry issue: the negative costs and effects of surplus inventory. The primary objective of is to provide an efficient and cost-effective method for liquidating surplus product through the use of innovative online programs and technology. [...]