MEMA Praises Suppliers for their Contributions to the Industry and Economy

The Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association, MEMA, stated that vehicle parts suppliers like Huron Automatic Screw Company “manufacture more than 2/3rds of the value in today’s cars.” As a manufacturer of custom components and precision machined parts, Huron Automatic Screw Company supports organizations like MEMA. MEMA acts as a unifying voice for national and international manufacturers, spreading industry news regarding new trends, policies, and other related information. Recently, MEMA gave significant praise to suppliers like Huron Automatic Screw Company as being a “driving force in [the] industry, transforming mobility through innovation and technology.” What many people don’t recognize about the companies that comprise the MEMA workforce is the economic impact the industry plays in this country. The motor vehicle and mobility supplier industry makes up the largest manufacturing sector in the United States, directly supporting more than 734,000 jobs, which is 2.7% of total U.S. employment. Huron Automatic Screw Company is proud to contribute to this effort and will continue to meet/exceed the MEMA standard for manufacturing quality, service, and safety in order to maintain this industry’s reputation. Technology, Innovation, and Sustainability MEMA states on their website that vehicle parts suppliers like Huron Automatic Screw Company manufacture more than 2/3rds [...]