The BMW 3-Series Sets a Higher Standard in Value for Price

BMW’s sleek, sporty, and affordable 3-Series rises above competitors to win Kelley Blue Book’s 2016 “Best Luxury Sedan” award. The BMW 3-Series was named best luxury sport sedan in North America in 2016, after sales records proved it was the best-selling luxury car in the country. Dependable and affordable, the 3-Series sedan is among the elite in driver satisfaction. From performance to design, this 6th generation model stands tall among its competitors and is one of many reasons BMW Santa Barbara is proud to be an authorized BMW dealer. BMW 3-Series: Excellence in Power and Design BMW vehicles are known for their sporty performance, long-lasting quality, and superior comfort. The 340i sedan, for one, recognized by its well-balanced suspension, ultimate steering, and six-speed transmission, is fuel injected with a 3.0-liter turbocharged engine that gets 30mpg on the highway and hits 60 mph in 5.4 seconds. This four-cylinder engine, with 330 pound-feet of torque, glides through the gears whether you’re gradually gaining speed or putting the petal to the floor. The new 340i’s exterior design stays the same with updated air intakes and enlarged headlights along with the L-shaped rear LED lights and turning indicators. As usual, BMW generously equips the [...]

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Choose Between 21 Different Variants of the Porsche 911

In addition to creating the ultimate sports car, Porsche has modified the 911 in twenty-one different ways to make sure every driver can find one to love. The Porsche 911 has been regarded as one of the best and most popular sports cars on the market since its release in September of 1964. Now, more than half of a century later, the Porsche 911 remains as a top pick for sports car enthusiasts, offering a number of different models. In fact, on Monday Porsche revealed five new variants to the Porsche 911 making a total of twenty-one different options for the 911 line-up. There are few, if any, sports cars that are more iconic than the Porsche 911, however, there are some people who complain that the appearance of the 911 has barely changed over its long-time evolution. Though this is fairly true, Porsche has managed to subtly arrange and modify all of the ingredients to make twenty-one modern versions of this quintessential sports car. Most Recent Additions to the Porsche 911 As previously mentioned, Porsche just added five new variants to the 911 line-up all within the GTS nomenclature. These include the Carrera GTS Coupe, the Carrera 4 GTS Coupe, the Carrera GTS [...]

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2017 Audi A4 Closes the Gap Between Sports Car and Sedan

The 2017 Audi A4 is the perfect car for drivers who want the commanding power of a sports car, without sacrificing the comfort and luxury of a premium sedan. The Audi A4 has sort of created this overlapping category of vehicle that’s being referred to as a “sport sedan.” This is because the A4 combines sporty and luxurious into one efficiently neat package. The jump from the 2016 A4 model to the new 2017 A4 model haven’t done much to change in exterior appearance. Outside of modest revisions to the overall dimensions, a slightly more aggressive grille and front end, and more modern head and taillights (with optional LEDs) the A4 stuck to its already attractive previous design. However, by cutting weight and implementing the newest technology, Audi has effectively developed a more efficient and unique balance to create the ultimate “sport sedan.” Swift, Silent, and Sporty By substituting many of the formerly steel parts with light-weight aluminum, Audi managed to trim the weight of the previous A4 model by about 100 pounds. The result is a more efficient ride with a steadier grip for the drive. Though the 2017 Audi A4 is one of the most silent rides on [...]

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Porsche Offers Serious Performance with the New Boxster Spyder

Porsche introduces the new Porsche Boxster Spyder as the premium sports car in the Boxster model line. Porsche has introduced a new sports car that promises to deliver unprecedented power and control on the road. At the New York International Auto show, Porsche presented the new Boxster Spyder. This remarkable car sits at the top of the Boxter model line, featuring the highest quality design, workmanship, and performance. Sports Performance The Porsche Boxster Spyder offers an array of performance specs and features that make it an exceptional sport performance vehicle.   The newest design offers a tight suspension that gives drivers that classic sports car feel on a level most have never experienced before. The car has been lowered 20mm compared to previous models for an even more assertive stance on the road. Curing round corners the car hugs the road for superb handling and control. Under the hood, the Porshe Boxster Spyder features a 3.8 liter horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine capable of 375hp. Drivers who want a track experience like no other will love the new Boxter Spyder.   The newest model is lighter than previous ones giving it more speed and efficiency. The car rockets from 0-60 in just 4.3 [...]

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Audi Brings Precision Laser Lighting to the Road

Audi Santa Barbara explores the latest lighting innovations from Audi on the world-class luxury sports car, the Audi R8. The Audi R8 has always been a standard for engineering sophistication and ingenuity within the Audi brand. This iconic luxury sports car has received top reviews, exceptional driver feedback, and has even made appearances on the big screen in box office hits. Even with this legacy of excellence, the Audi R8 continues to surprise and impress drivers year after year. Audi continues to push the creative boundaries of engineering and the Audi R8 is proud to deliver a driving experience unlike any other in its market class. Recently, Audi announced that the Audi R8 will showcase a number of technology updates for the new year. One of the first to be announced is its all-new set of headlights. Of course, these are no ordinary headlights. The new Audi R8 will feature available with a laser spot as complementary high-beam headlamp.   Paired with the advanced LED headlamps, the laser sport high-beams will provide more efficient lighting capabilities for dark roads and difficult driving conditions. Audi understands that strong lighting has the power to prevent an accident and provide the visibility drivers need [...]

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