The Jaguar XE Delivers Sport, Luxury, and Efficiency

The Jaguar XE proves to customers that being the least expensive Sedan the brand offers does not mean quality needs to be compromised. Jaguar as a brand has never been well known for offering low-priced vehicles. They provide some of the highest quality products in the market and their prices have always been consistent with their product. However, the low price of the new Jaguar XE is almost making the brand seem charitable. This car was made for drivers who want the luxury and style of the Jaguar experience, but are looking to pay a reasonable price. The Jaguar XE is anything but average. It ranks at the top of the list in the sport sedan category, offering the thrill of a sports car with the practicality of a sedan. Choose Between XE Diesel or XE S For the time being, the Jaguar XE will be available in two options, (with another arriving shortly after): the 180-hp diesel or the driver’s choice, supercharged, 340-hp V-6 XE S. Either route you choose, you will be thoroughly satisfied, however, it is more likely that the XE S will be the crowd favorite. The XE S manages to keep its body to a [...]

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Mercedes-AMG GT S Features Exceptional Engineering Advantages

Mercedes-Benz and AMG have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind luxury sport performance vehicle that boasts a myriad of engineering innovations that give it a clear advantage on the track. There is no lack of remarkable engineering achievements in the current luxury sports performance industry. All over the world, automotive engineers are creating some of the fastest and most efficient vehicles ever and these incredible vehicle capabilities continue to improve with each passing year. One of the most remarkable new vehicles to enter the market recently is the result of two industry leaders working together to create something new and special. Mercedes-Benz and AMG have worked together to bring the Mercedes-AMG to the world this year and have given the vehicle a slew of unique qualities that propel it forwards as a leader in its class. The Mercedes-AMG GT is only the second car to be built by AMG and stays true to its racing heritage. The vehicle is built on an SLS platform modified for the new design. Once they had the base in place, AMG made no compromises as they engineered it for speed, agility, and exceptional handling. Impressive Power from a Unique V8 The heart of the [...]

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Meet the Dynamically Powerful Mercedes-AMG GT S

Mercedes-Benz is introducing an all-new AMG vehicle that sets entirely new standards for the luxury sport performance segment. Santa Barbara, CA, June, 2015 - Santa Barbara drivers will be able to experience the next generation of luxury sport performance this year with the all-new Mercedes-AMG GT S. This remarkable vehicle is the result of a dynamic collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and AMG. Marked by innovative engineering and sophisticated design, the Mercedes-AMG GT S truly delivers a one-of-a-kind driving experience. “Even the most discerning drivers will be pleased with the exceptional power and handling of the Mercedes-AMG GT S,” shares Duane Sanders, General Manager for Santa Barbara Auto Group. With the heart of a race car, the Mercedes-AMG GT S is tuned for the road, but always ready for the track. The secret to the car’s incredible performance is the all-new handcrafted 503hp 4.0-liter V-8 engine. Twin turbos provide aggressive power to the direct-injection cylinders to rocket the car from 0-60mph in just 3.7 seconds. The AMG adaptive suspension and Dynamic Plus technology ensure the car drives smoothly adhering to every bend of the road or track. Precision and balance are the hallmarks of the GT S driving experience within any of [...]

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