Combat Corrosive Environments with Specialized Fasteners

High-performance fasteners are built to withstand harsh environments in which friction or corrosion may be a challenging factor.   At Huron Automatic Screw Company, we work closely with clients to collaborate on all aspects of the production process from prototype to completion. Throughout this process, our experts help analyze the needs and requirements of each project based on the product’s function and environment. We have experience working with materials that are required to withstand harsh conditions such as stress, heat, or friction. For example, one important consideration to make during this process is whether or not the fastener will be subject to possible corrosion. Improve Durability and Performance in Corrosive Environments Corrosion factors are an important consideration to make because they can have a significant effect on the quality and durability of a fastener. There are a variety of different kinds of corrosion that can occur including oxidation, pitting, stress corrosion, galvanic corrosion, and concentration-cell corrosion. However, the most common form of corrosion is due to oxidation, commonly known as rust. Steel structures and fasteners are at risk for oxidation and should be protected accordingly. Other common forms of corrosion occur when the metal fastener is put under stress, experiences friction [...]