Are you IN your Relationships? HELLO MY FRIENDS! So, relationships, hmmmm… how many of you are excluding yourself from the relationships you’re in? From your relationship with a partner; from the relationship with money, your career, your job? How many of you are excluding yourself from these relationships? So, what does that mean? Well, any time you’re not in the space of choosing it for you, or in the question of what is it that you would like for you, or being just in the space of you, you may be accommodating to everything around you in these relationships. Which actually cuts you off from being in the question and the choice, the possibilities and the contribution of it. So, be aware of that this week. A Space to BE With Take a moment to tune in and ask yourself the following questions. Are you excluding you from your relationships? Are you excluding you from the relationship with you? What would like to be in the choice and possibilities of your relationships? In your relationship with your partner, with money, with your job, with your life? What would it be like to be in the question and contribution of these relationships? If you no longer focused on what didn’t work in your relationships, and instead, [...]