Avoid Confusion by Sourcing Components Directly from the Manufacturer

Engineers and technicians can rely on original manufacturers like Huron Automatic Screw Company to deliver reliable assistance in selecting the right part for every repair or aftermarket project. When it comes to sourcing aftermarket parts for a fleet, companies have more options now than ever before. However, the sheer availability of aftermarket parts can make it difficult to discern who the original manufacturer is of each component. Private label brands, name brands, off-brand generic parts, and even counterfeit products can all look alike, making it difficult to ensure you have the exact component you need. Distributors often sell the same parts in different packaging and even packaging for the same brand can vary depending on the market or distributor it is intended for. This can make it confusing for teams who want to make sure they are using the best part for their vehicle. Low quality parts are not guaranteed to deliver the same reliability or functionality which can affect performance and longevity. How to Ensure You Have the Best Part The Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association (HDMA) recommends that companies consult the manufacturer’s field sales support team to determine how to select the right part for each application. Distributors and [...]