2017 Smart ForTwo is the Perfect Smart Car for Daily Commuters

With more and more people moving to big cities to be closer to their jobs, the 2017 Smart ForTwo is the perfect vehicle to reduce pollution and handle your daily commute. For decades now we’ve been watching the growth of cities as the center for concentrated populations, congestion, traffic, and pollution. In response, many premium auto-brands have been investing in designing more compact electric vehicles. Some of the most reputable brands like Audi, Volkswagen, and Jaguar have recently entered the race and are doing impressive things. However, wouldn’t it make more sense to go with the brand that was involved in starting the movement and has been engineering hybrid and zero emission vehicles for nearly a decade? The Smart brand has been continually innovating and improving their designs since 2007 and the 2017 Smart ForTwo is the most exciting model yet. Going Fully Electric with the 2017 Smart ForTwo The Smart ForTwo is the ideal car for electrification. The 2017 Smart ForTwo is the third generation of this conventional model and is, without a doubt, the most impressive yet. This vehicle is perfect for city-dwellers and commuters from the outskirts of the city. It is available in three versions to [...]

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Why You Should Be Excited for the Newest smart fortwo

Smart drivers are anticipating many exciting updates to the latest 2016 model making this the most engaging smart car yet. August, 2015 Santa Barbara, CA – The newest updates for the 2016 smart fortwo are will be available this fall and Santa Barbara Auto Group invites drivers to learn about the exciting features headed their way. Smart has always been dedicated to engineering vehicles that are functional and fun and this latest model is all of that and more. “The gas powered smart fortwo continues to offer innovative safety and performance features and we expect drivers to be pleased with the latest updates,” shares Santa Barbara Auto Group General Manager, Duane Sanders. One of the most notable updates include a new tridion safety cell that features a higher proportion of ultra-high strength steels and maximum multiphase steel. These technologies were designed by the Mercedes-Benz engineering team to offer the most impressive safety yet. Buyers looking for a more dynamic driving experience will be pleased by the available five-speed manual transmission or the optional six-speed dual clutch twinamic transmission. Paired with a three-cylinder engine and brand new turbocharger, the smart fortwo now delivers even more spunk with 89hp. Drivers may also [...]

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Smart Center Santa Barbara Shares smart Environmental Commitments

Smart center Santa Barbara shares what makes the progressive company and the innovative car so unique.  When people walk into smart center Santa Barbara, they can tell we are a unique team with a unique mission and product.  This special quality goes all the way back to our smartville facility in Germany where it is born and present in every aspect of the environment.  People know smartville is different just by driving by the facility.  The architects specified exterior surfaces to be made with Trespa, 80% of which comes from fast-growing European timber.  Materials like formaldehyde, CFC, and asbestos have been eliminated completely.  Furthermore, the entire complex is nestled in the green hills of the Lorraine region using ample green space like fields, meadows, and fruit tree orchards to more fully integrate smart with the environment. Environmental Responsibility At smart, every member of the team, from the production line technicians to the showroom staff and sales representatives, is dedicated to the same Environmental Policy: “With our products, we are setting a milestone for environmentally compatible individual mobility.  Every day, we live an efficient and dynamic environmental management system that is aligned towards on-going improvement.” Now, at smart center Santa Barbara, we understand [...]

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Smart Center Santa Barbara Explores Green Practices at the smart Production Facility

Smart center Santa Barbara shares environmentally friendly practices that make the smart fortwo a uniquely efficient choice for conscientious drivers.  California drivers are often intrigued by the one-of-a-kind smart fortwo.  This eco-friendly car is produced at “smartville” in Hambach, France and continues to lay new ground rules for efficient and safe driving technology as well as responsible manufacturing and production processes.  Let’s take a moment to see what it is that makes this car so unique: smart Engineering From its initial conceptualization to today’s manufacturing, smart has adhered to strict Daimler environmental guidelines in an effort to protect the environment, reduce energy consumption and innovatively preserve our natural resources.  The “eco balance sheet” offers fascinating insights into the future, from the demands on raw materials to a projection of future waste. Each component is carefully considered and processes are aligned to reduce energy and waste in diverse and innovative ways. smart Production One unique aspect of the smart car is that the entire vehicle bodywork is coated rather than painted.  Powder coating uses 40% less energy than conventional painting methods with zero solvent emissions and no water consumption.  Powder “overspray” is collected and is also 98% reusable.  This is a [...]

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