Confident Kitty Cat Coaches Pups on how to Become Service Dogs

Ever imagine that your furry feline friend could teach a class? Well the friendly staff at Support Dogs, Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri, apparently did!  Support Dogs, Inc. is a national not-for-profit organization that has taken to utilizing an unlikely tutor in teaching their cadets in training.  It’s very important that service dogs aren’t distracted while guiding individuals with disabilities such as those with mobility problems or people who are deaf. What better way to desensitize the cadets than to distract them with a fluff-ball of a cat named D-O-G (Dee-Oh-Jee)? This black and white fur-ball is employed by Support Dogs, Inc. in order to help their service animals become acclimated to diverse surroundings, including being around animals. D-O-G teaches the service animals patience and conditions them to become comfortable around other animals. D-O-G is a bold little mouser who does not hesitate to tussle with service dogs’ leashes or even their tails, only to drink and eat out of their bowls afterword! All of this helps the service dogs become more familiarized to dynamic environments, potentially including being around multiple animals, and in turn provide better support for their owners. The Grand Poobox makes life easier for cat owners [...]