Home Care Director Builds Business with Optimism and Care

Home care franchise owners at ComForcare come from very diverse professional backgrounds, but have the same goal in mind – providing exceptional home care services for their community.  One franchise owner in California takes a proactive approach to business and it has served him well as he opened ComForcare Home Care in Redwood City. Rick Bowman spent much of his career at multiple high-tech companies like IBM and Apple, but the customer service manager found himself without a job following a downsizing at Sun Microsystems. Reinventing a Career “I’ve always wanted to own my own business,” said Bowman, current director of operations at the ComForcare Redwood City office, whose territory spans from Belmont to Palo Alto and down the coast to San Gregorio. “A crisis is a shame to waste. This is a fine time to reinvent yourself.” It was his positive attitude that led Bowman to consider entrepreneurial opportunities rather than battling within the technology industry again.  He recognized his situation as a fortunate chance to make a career change. “I’ve always been customer-service oriented. Every job I’ve had is the job I wanted,” said Bowman, recalling his early career. “My big dream was getting into the tech industry, [...]

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Home Care Franchise Owner Brings Personal and Professional Experience to San Francisco

Home care agencies are quickly being established all across the country to meet the needs of retiring seniors.  As the baby boomer generation continues to age, more and more seniors will be searching for the best place to retire.  One popular location for retired couples and individuals is always California, with many older residents migrating to the Bay Area of San Francisco.  San Francisco offers moderate weather, sophisticated dining and entertainment, lots of public transportation options, and beautiful beaches and parks.  There is also a diverse range of senior services available through many community programs in the city. Many long-time SF residents are in no hurry to leave and find themselves searching for home care services to enable them to continue living at home as they age.   Founding a ComForcare Franchise in the City One California resident recently acknowledged the growing need for home care services from a dependable home health agency and started her own home care franchise in the city.   Lisa Marie Blaskie opened ComForcare Home Care in San Francisco in 2009 and the office is still going strong today.  However, even as a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience, Blaskie was not always [...]

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ComForcare Home Care Provides New Jobs for Top Talent in the Senior Care Industry

Bloomfield Hills, MI - Home care agencies like ComForcare are doing their part to support the economy by creating jobs for individuals in the health care and elderly care industry.  ComForcare is an innovative home health agency that is continuously looking to hire top quality caregivers for its many independently owned franchises.   ComForcare Home Care is a premier provider of private duty, non-medical home care, which was founded in 1996 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  The company now has over 135 franchise owners who operate 150 territories throughout the United States and in Canada and the U.K.   Caregivers provide professional personal care and companionship services for clients in many settings including private homes, shared residences, retirement communities, nursing homes, and hospitals.  Services are provided primarily to elderly individuals, but other clients include individuals with disabilities, post-surgery patients, new mothers, or those recovering from a recent illness.   ComForcare is a great place to work because it is ahead of the technological curve for home health care work, which adds considerably to the peace of mind of clients and their family members,  particularly those who do not live close enough to drop by now and then.   ComForcare is continually [...]

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Home Care Franchise in Connecticut Introduces Innovative Communication Service

Fairfield, CT August 2012 - ComForcare Home Care in Fairfield, Connecticut recently introduced a state-of-the-art service using the Internet, digital communication and video phones to connect seniors with their families, caregivers and healthcare providers for enhanced communication, care and safety.   The ComForcare Family Care Portal (FCP) is a cost-effective, secure online system that is customized to meet the individual needs of clients, keep clients’ families and healthcare providers informed of clients’ health and well-being, and help seniors connect with their families with easy-to-use video communication technology.   “Families who live at a distance can have peace of mind that their loved ones are monitored and they can receive continual updates on their condition. They also have the ability to actually see their family members while they speak with them using the Skype® technology,” says Lynn Heur, Director of Operations and Owner of the Fairfield home care franchise.   The video component is a unique concept.  “We are the ?rst. We’re the only non-medical home care agency that has this,” Heuer said.  “There are some out there that have something similar but nobody but us has the video portion for it,” said Elizabeth Mastroianni, ComForcare’s administrative coordinator and Heuer’s daughter. [...]

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ComForcare Clients Carry an Optimistic View of the Future

Home care services like ComForcare are seeing a pleasant trend among clients – optimism.  According to a recent poll conducted by the National Council on Aging, United Healthcare, and USA Today, more aging Americans are optimistic about aging and the future.  Of the 2250 individuals aged 60 or older surveyed, many anticipate their retirement years to be better than their working years, even amid current financial concerns.  They claim they are confident they will be able to maintain their health and their stress levels effectively.   Americans are Living Longer This positive attitude may be a result of the fact that seniors are living longer than ever.   According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the baby boomer generation is the fastest growing population in the States with 10,000 people turning 65 every day for the next ten years.  With so many others reaching older ages, it is easy to feel more confident in your health and lifestyle. As they approach their senior years, those questioned in the survey stated that they are optimistic about aging, expect the best to come still, and plan to have the same quality of life or better during the next decade.   Seniors are Staying Active [...]

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Home Care Experts Urge Smart Financial Planning for the Future

Home care services are a great resource for families who are in need of elderly care assistance for their aging parents or grandparents.  While considering home care and health care options for seniors, it is important to plan ahead and budget accordingly.  Some families are able to assist with living expenses, home care services, and medical costs, but other seniors are on their own due to a lack of family resources or support.  Funding for home care services, health care or medical care is available from a variety of sources.  Home health agencies like ComForcare have many years of experience helping families and clients navigate the funding process. All it takes is a little preparation and planning, but unfortunately many families wait too long to make smart financial decisions for the future. According to a recently-released study, nearly half of all Americans reach the end of their lives “with virtually no financial assets.” In fact, it was found that 46 percent of U.S. senior citizens die with less than $10,000 in total financial assets.   The study also determined that the seniors who had more assets tend to outlive those who had less. The lack of financial cushion makes sudden burdens like [...]

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Home Care Franchise Supports Needs of Active Senior Adults

Bloomfield Hills, MI August 2012 - Home care agencies like ComForcare are meeting the needs of today’s active senior adults. Only decades ago the perception of life for senior citizens involved porches, rocking chairs and a steaming cup of tea or coffee. Today’s seniors prefer a more active lifestyle on the trails, on the green, or even at the pool. Still, aging is a fact of life and not everyone ages the same way. Some need more help than others, and new agencies, programs and technologies from the home care franchise are giving them the freedom to stay in their own homes longer. “The goal of each ComForcare Home Care franchise is to enable clients to live a more healthy, dignified, and independent lifestyle in the comfort of their own homes,” states ComForcare Home Care President Mark Armstrong. Home care franchises have been popping up all across the country in an effort to meet the growing demand of the aging baby boomer population. According to a recent U.S. Census report, nearly 10,000 seniors reach age 65 every day. This means seniors now make up the largest segment of the population in the United States, and will continue to do so [...]

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Home Care Health Tips: Getting a Good Night’s Rest

Home care providers at ComForcare work with clients on all aspects of their health and comfort including nutrition, personal hygiene, exercise, and rest. Each of these factors is important for a happy independent lifestyle. Unfortunately, for many seniors, getting the right amount of rest can be difficult. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, seniors experience a harder time getting the seven or eight hours of sleep each night needed to feel rested and refreshed in the morning. The common causes of sleep problems among the elderly include: - Age-associated changes in the sleep-wake cycle. - Age-associated reduction in the body’s production of “sleep hormones,” such as melatonin. - Smoking and increased consumption of alcohol or caffeine. - Pain or illness - Taking certain medications - Disorders such as sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome - Lack of exercise In order to get a better night’s sleep, consider the following expert tips: • Listen to your body and adjust your sleep pattern, if necessary. You may find that your body is ready to go to sleep earlier in the evening and wake up earlier in the morning. Home care nurses can help you make the adjustment by preparing evening [...]

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ComForcare Encourages Healthy Eating Habits for Seniors

Home care clients may sometimes feel that as they age, it feels like everything they do causes illness or pushes them towards a shorter lifespan. Can’t seniors just enjoy their retirement years? One recent article states that too much protein can cause prostate cancer. Other articles support a high-protein diet, saying it helps slow down muscle loss, can lower the risk of hip fractures and keeps people strong. So, whose rules should seniors follow? Moderation and variety is always a good rule of thumb.  Eating a variety of foods – protein and sweets included – while maintaining portion control will leave people satisfied and still healthy.  Sure, if a person eats bacon and sausage every morning, a burger every day for lunch and a steak every night for dinner, they may need to cut back their protein intake. Otherwise, it is important to continue eating a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, protein, grains and foods with calcium. Here are a few tips to help seniors keep meal plans and nutrition on track. Colorful foods are good for your health. When you are at the grocery store, your shopping cart should be bursting with color, from a rich green lettuce, to bright blue [...]

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Home Care Study Shows Effects of Loneliness in Seniors

Home care providers and caregivers keenly understand that people of every age share a handful of basic needs including food, water, shelter and feeling loved.  Bloomfield Hills, MI August 1, 2012 - A recent report in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed the effects of loneliness, described as a lack of meaningful contact with others that leads to painful distress, on adults over 60. Over six years, 24.8 percent of lonely older adults in the study lost some ability to perform daily living tasks, like bathing, eating and dressing. These seniors were also 45 percent more likely to die than other people their age who felt they had meaningful connections in their lives. “It is important to watch for signs of loneliness in your loved ones,” said ComForcare Home Care President Mark Armstrong.  “Just because individuals are part of a family or community does not necessarily mean they feel included.” ComForcare, a national home care service, offers these tips for families and friends of aging adults to help prevent loneliness: Share one meal a week with an older adult. Whether it is a family member, friend or neighbor, he or she will appreciate the company and hospitality. Call just to say “Hi.” Just [...]

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