Google Updates Algorithms And Changes Search Engine Rankings For Improvements

Google algorithm updates that effect search engine ranking position along with recent Penguin algorithm and Panda algorithm updates. Google states it is looking to continually improve search results.

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Melih Oztalay of SmartFinds Internet Marketing Presents SEO Program to Detroit’s Automation Alley

Birmingham, Michigan - October 27, 2009 (SMARTFINDS INTERNET MARKETING) - Melih Oztalay of SmartFinds Internet Marketing served as a guest speaker at today's Automation Alley event titled, "Mega Marketing in a Tough Economy: Effective Direct Response Campaigns, SEO and eMarketing." Oztalay provided a presentation to discuss online marketing strategies for "Creating Sizzling SEO and eMarketing." CEO Melih Oztalay has fifteen years experience with Internet and digital services in developing strategies that utilize all facets of the World Wide Web. As a digital marketing agency, SmartFinds Internet Marketing's major focus is to develop multi-directional marketing campaigns to drive traffic to client web sites from more than just search engines. "This was a fantastic event," commented Oztalay. "It was fun and rewarding to share insights on the tricks and tools to generate a SEO program that pays off. The attendees were engaging and eager to learn how to build e-marketing campaigns that deliver." SmartFinds Internet Marketing provides businesses with Internet marketing services and solutions that include all or a combination of the following to meet the business growth and revenue objectives: Research, Strategy and Planning; Creative and Technical Development; Content Marketing; Social Media Marketing; Internet advertising solutions; Management, Measurement and Analysis. This [...]

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Search Engine Content Relevancy And Keywords

Do you know if your website is optimized by page or based on the entire website? Per page optimization has been a ongoing theme in making sure your website is marketable through the search engines. Furthermore, this changes the thought process of your website flow because all pages now need a targeted call to action based on the entry point by visitors.

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W3C Compliance HTML Code and Search Engine Rankings

W3C compliance can have a positive impact on search engine rankings. It’s fair to conclude if code works well for the visitors and browsers, it can only benefit your efforts with the search engines. So, why would one take the risk of having bad Web site code, if good Web site code will help visitors and search engine spiders alike?

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Website Visitors Are Not Entering Through Your Home Page

Since we know people are entering websites through interior pages, have you considered how that affects your website flow? Let's start with the question have you considered that your home page is not the only entryway to your Web site? In fact, visitors may never even view your home page, but instead, may access your site through its interior pages. This reality must impact your internal Web site marketing strategy, your call to action on all pages, as well as your website flow to meet your business objective.

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Moving To A New Web Address? Things to Consider Before Changing Your Business URL

In today's high-tech environment, brick and mortar operations are not the only business segments faced with the proposition of moving to a new location. Website owners have to change to a new web address. E-commerce retail websites also execute their own types of moves, in the way of relocating to new web addresses. No matter the business type - whether a high tech e-commerce website or a traditional physical retail location, the concerns associated with relocation are similar. How can a retailer change addresses without losing ground on past marketing efforts, while still maintaining existing customers - and in a best case scenario, reaching an expanded and improved customer base? In general, most understand what's involved with moving a brick and mortar operation. Let's take a closer look at some of the nuances of moving to a new web address. As part of this exercise, it's important to understand the ways in which online retailers create high traffic e-commerce in the first place - and then, to evaluate if/how making a move might make an impact. Durability It may seem surprising that in the ever-changing technology of the internet, being 'old' is actually viewed as a positive when it comes [...]

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Can someone please define Internet marketing?

Back in 1994 after you created a website for your business, marketing was fairly simple. Generally you would make changes to your HTML code for search engine optimization and for the most part promoted your website through offline methods. These may have included business cards, letterhead, print advertising and other such methods. Whether or not your site was listed on the only search engine, Yahoo, at the time was purely based on how well you optimized our web pages. If you did a good job then multiple pages of your site would be listed consecutively for a search. Twelve years later in 2006 the entire perspective of marketing your site on the web has become a science requiring a degree. Although, we are all eager to market our website on the web we are somewhat unclear how to accomplish this task through a maze of policies set by the Big 3 search engines - Google, MSN and Yahoo. Most businesses would first seek out professional advice. In the process of seeking professional Internet Marketing advice, your story may look something like this. "By now I had heard about pay-per-click, something called Ad Sense, link exchanges, banner advertising and it all [...]

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Website Design Optimization

Is it possible to have an attractive website and still be optimized for search engines? The answer is absolutely yes! Website design optimization is a balance between what is attractive to the visitor versus what the search engines require with text copy. Of course we tend to be mis-guided about what will dazzle the visitor. It is not necessary to overwhelm your website with graphics, which will cause the page to download slower. Our intention is to provide you with tips that will still be attractive, while focusing on Easy Spider. Easy Spider is a term we use at our firm that will optimize the HTML code, but not the aesthetics of the website. There is no question that most webmasters are developing websites that are complex and full of graphic design elements. Even though, we have faster connection speeds today compared to 10 years ago, we can go overboard and the page wills till download slowly. Of course the user will never wait that long for a website to load, and will move on to the next website in their search results. One does have to ask the question why webmasters are still developing slow loading websites. Primarily due [...]

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Authority Websites

Search engine marketing has changed as search engines have become wiser and have put more scrutiny upon deciding page ranking and which websites are really important. Spending time on traditional on-page optimization and link building strategies will not get you that top ranking in Google. Don't get me wrong, you cannot stop doing these tasks, however, the marketing of your website will need to include a variety of other methods if you want to get top rankings. Search engines are looking for clean quality content to provide to their users and we will see the search engine market become more competitive. Traditional search engine optimization will continue to be part of your efforts excepting for our methodology will change. You will continue to work on link exchanges, keywords, descriptions, titles, headlines, image alt descriptions, comments, and content. Now you will focus your keywords to be very specific and watch you density. Your descriptions will not be as long, but concentrate on more concise descriptions. You will want to watch your HTML coding to make the process easier for the search engine spiders. Try using fewer tables and consider Cascading Style Sheets. The link exchanges will have to be more specific [...]

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