Drive Confidently with First Class Wheel and Tire Protection Plus

Santa Barbara Auto Group offers additional coverage for unexpected wheel and tire damage. The road can bring unexpected dangers and common hazards such as nails, broken glass, rocks, and pot holes can cause damage to your wheels and tires. Dealing with a flat tire or damaged wheel can be frustrating, inconvenient, and expensive. Thankfully, Santa Barbara Auto Group offers drivers a wheel and tire protection program that helps alleviate the hassle and expense of these situations. At Santa Barbara Auto Group, drivers can have peace of mind with First Class Wheel and Tire Protection Plus. Your vehicle’s wheels and tires connect you to the road and damage to either one can be frustrating to manage. The good news is that First Class Wheel and Tire Protection Plus coverage from Santa Barbara Auto Group covers all costs associated with the replacement of the wheel and or/tire, plus labor for services including: mounting, balancing, valve system taxes, and towing. Additionally, it covers repairs for most scrapes, scratches and other cosmetic damages to your wheels. The program covers original equipment and any replacement wheels or tires purchased during the contract period. Coverage is based on damage from eligible road hazards including: Debris on [...]