Santa Barbara Audi Presents Audi Electric Technology Featured in Iron Man 3

Audi electric drive technology featured in the summer hit film Iron Man 3 is not so far from reality, and Santa Barbara Audi encourages drivers to learn more about the exciting electric drive vehicles coming soon. Santa Barbara Audi invites Audi fans to catch a glimpse of the super-hero car of choice, the Audi R8 on the big screen soon.  Iron Man 3 hits U.S. theaters this week, after international record-setting success.  In the summer blockbuster, Iron Man once again finds himself in a fight for his life against an evil villain.  His signature weapon of choice is a remarkably advanced suit, and his car of choice, the remarkably advanced Audi R8.  A superhero and a supercar. See the Audi R8 in Theaters Viewers can see Tony Stark push the Audi R8 to the limits in an exclusive trailer designed to showcase the amazing power, performance, and athleticism of the Audi future electric vehicle technology.  The advanced technology represents some of what is in store for new vehicles currently in development in Audi engineering circles, slated to hit the market in the coming years. “The Audi R8 is truly an incredible vehicle,” shares Bill Fogg, General Sales Manager of Santa [...]

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