Smart Cars Continue to Excel in Safety and Efficiency

Smart Cars have built a reputation around their superiority in safety and efficiency, and the brand continues on the path of innovation. As a brand, Smart was designed to introduce a new kind of vehicle to the automotive industry. The brand creates vehicles that are small, fuel-efficient, environmentally responsible, and safe—essentially the perfect vehicle for in-city drivers. Smart cars have been championing optimized fuel efficiency and alternative fuel options for years without forcing drivers to sacrifice safety or sport. With top performance ratings, an enjoyable driving experience, and top safety ratings, Smart car drivers enjoy the best of all worlds. Recognized for Setting High Safety Standard The Smart brand employs the brilliant ingenuity of Mercedes-Benz engineers to pave the path for innovation in safety features. Small, efficient, and convenient, Smart cars are the ultimate urban driver. However, due to their small size many drivers have doubts about the safety of these vehicles. With much larger vehicles on the road it seems that it would only make sense that Smart cars should be deemed unsafe in the event of a crash. But, in reality, this is simply not true. In fact, Smart cars are some of the safest vehicles you can [...]