Teaching the Truth about Root Canals

Root canal treatments have developed a bad reputation which can be dispelled through careful patient education. For decades, people have shared common myths about the dangers and negative consequences of root canals. Because of this, root canal treatments have developed a bad reputation and can cause anxiety in many patients. However, these myths couldn’t be further from the truth! Root canal treatments are actually a very important and beneficial aspect of dental care and when done properly patients can expect to experience minimal to no discomfort during the process. Modern Root Canal Treatments are Pain-Free Myths about the painful process of having a root canal are unfortunately based on outdated practices.   In the early twentieth century, dental procedures were very different from modern practices today and might have been more painful. However, it is important to educate patients so they understand that modern dental practices have evolved significantly and patients should not worry about experiencing pain or discomfort.   A recent survey by the American Association of Endodontics revealed that 74 percent of Americans fear losing a natural tooth, yet 70 percent also fear having a root canal treatment which could save the tooth. This statistic clearly shows how important it [...]