Home Care Tips: Examining U.S. Life-Expectancy by State

Home care provider ComForcare Home Care works with clients across the nation to help improve the quality of life for aging individuals.  In addition to hiring home care services, there are many things seniors can do to make their life more comfortable, independent and enjoyable – and perhaps, even longer. It is well known that eating right, exercising, lowering stress and building meaningful relationships can help people live longer, but what about changing where we live?  According to the latest U.S. Census reports, life expectancy varies as much as seven years from state to state. While not likely the largest determining factor in longevity, where we live appears to play a role.  Whether it is climate, culture, lifestyle, regional diet, income, availability of health care, or other factor, these 10 states have highest average life expectancy for men and women in the nation: Hawaii – 77.2 years Minnesota – 76.15 years Iowa – 75.81 years Utah – 75.76 years North Dakota – 75.71 years Nebraska -  75.49 years Wisconsin – 75.35 years Kansas – 75.31 years Colorado – 75.30 years Idaho – 75.19 years   Honorable mention goes to the states of Washington, Connecticut and Massachusetts for also having an [...]