Retention in the Workplace

During a recent manufacturing forum one of the most consistent problems we heard about from companies of every size was the consistent struggle to find and retain skilled personnel. Here are some of the proven methods we use to promote retention. Provide engaging and meaningful work. Be sure each employee truly understands the value of their contribution to the organization and the organizations contribution to the community. Connections to the work, to the organization, and to the community are important to your employees and can influence their intentions to remain. Encourage better employee connections. Foster teamwork and the development of personal and professional relationships. Promote procedural fairness. Apply policies and procedures fairly to all employees. Employees that are treated fairly tend to have better performance, and are much less likely to leave. One way to do help with these suggestions is to make sure everyone is part of your learning organization. Learning and growing together will foster engagement and participation. Do all of your employees understand the differences between non-value add activities and value add activities? Do they all clearly understand who their customers and suppliers are? (This includes the internal customers and suppliers as well as your external customers [...]