Referrals can reduce patient fears when facing root canal treatment

When a patient arrives at your office with a problem it is up to you to try to solve it! Luckily for us, most of these problems are easily remedied. Some however require a bit of detective work, and others leave us scratching our heads! If through your testing procedures you determine that your patient needs root canal therapy, the next step is to determine if it something you can treat efficiently and properly in your office. Based on your assessment, referral to professional Endodontics may be the best option for your patient AND you. Referrals can reduce patient fears and concerns because referring your patient shows that you understand your limits and more importantly, want the best for them. If referral to Professional Endodontics is the best option for your patient , then it is important that your patient understands not only why they are being referred, but also why they are be referred to PE. Is it the close relationship you have with us, the consistently good results you see from our office, or the great care we take of your patients? Let your patient know these factors! The best results begin with patient’s level of trust in [...]