Huron Automatic Screw Company Redesign Yields Cost Savings for Customer

By Warren Brooks Summary Huron Automatic Screw Company produces two similar parts used in the drivetrain of Class 8 heavy-duty trucks. Pressure to offer cost savings to the customer meant the Huron Automatic team needed to reflect on the part’s function, design, and machining process and cycle time. The team identified the opportunity for redesign and produced prototypes for testing. The end result provided a shorter part cycle time and a cost savings for the customer. The Challenge Huron Automatic Screw Company has been producing two similar parts for many years. These parts are used in the drivetrain of Class 8 heavy-duty trucks and are classified as an adapter stud with both internal and external threads. The parts have holes drilled though their entire length (over 1.5”) with the entire length of the hole being threaded with a ½-20 UNF 2B internal thread. Huron Automatic Screw Company’s customer needed costs to be reduced on this part and was looking to Huron for suggestions. The Solution The Huron Automatic Screw Company team had the knowledge to identify that the internal thread’s length was the determining factor in the long machining time and contributed to much of the cost. Hypothesizing about what [...]

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Jaguar XF Maximizes Performance with Sleek Redesign

Jaguar engineers have developed a more streamlined design for the second-generation Jaguar XF to maximize efficiency and performance. Jaguar is giving the 2016 XF more than just a facelift this year thanks to an innovative new design and optimized performance capabilities. Dedicated to truly improving each vehicle with every new model, Jaguar has substantially upgraded the performance, refinement, and technology of this already stunning vehicle. Harnessing the Strength of Simplicity Early performance reviews and expectations for the 2016 Jaguar XF are very positive due to the evolutionary design changes that have been implemented. The key to the main improvements of the Jaguar XF is the updated aluminum-intensive construction. This is part of a brand-wide effort to feature lightweight aluminum construction in all new Jaguar models. An aluminum frame provides durability and strength but shaves off considerable weight to maximize power and fuel efficiency. The 2016 Jaguar XF experienced a design overhaul as engineers worked from square one again to truly maximize each aspect of the luxury sedan. The new model’s streamlined design is spacious yet more progressive and efficient.   According to the XF engineering team, simplicity was the focus of the design. Nothing was added just for show and every [...]

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