Protect Your Property and Interests with an Experienced Real Estate Attorney

Real estate attorneys protect the interests of their clients involved in a variety of real estate transactions including leases, sales, and purchases. Whether you are considering leasing, selling or buying a residential or commercial property, we highly recommend that you consult a real estate attorney to ensure that your interests are properly protected. At Seglund Gabe Quinn Elowsky & Pawlak, PLC, we offer a wide range of legal services that pertain to real estate, including the purchase, sale or lease of residential or commercial property. We have all heard horror stories from friends and co-workers about miserable experiences they have had at or after real estate closings. While it is generally important to have attorney representation through the closing of the transaction, these kinds of problems can generally be avoided by carefully drafting documents ahead of time that properly outline the terms and conditions for the transaction. How to Get Started Once you have decided to buy, sell or lease real estate, consult a real estate attorney to help you draw up the terms of the initial transaction documents. He or she will discuss your goals for the property and any specific requirements you have in mind. By clearly addressing [...]