Huron Automatic Screw Company Gives Customers The Best Quality Thread Right Out of The Box

I continually get asked by our customers what our secret is in providing undamaged threads right out of the box we ship in. My answer is actually 3 answers in one. First, we look at the angle of the thread chamfer we provide on a majority of the studs we produce. Many customer drawings specify a .020” X 45 degree chamfer on the end of a stud or bolt. We will always try and substitute a 30 degree chamfer that begins approximately .010” below the thread minor diameter for this 45 degree chamfer callout. By using a 30 degree chamfer we provide a smooth transition from the end of the part into the 60 degree V thread as opposed to the sharper 45 degree chamfer angle. The 30 degree angle is less prone to nicking of the lead thread which causes interference with the mating part or ring gage when measuring. The reduction or elimination of nicks on the lead thread of parts leads to increased ease of use and decreased chance for cross threading when our parts are assembled with their mating parts or sub components. Secondly, we try and roll thread fine pitch threads after the heat treat [...]