Tips to Assure Quality and Reliability when Bringing Prototype Fasteners to Production

As a manufacturer of products recognized for long-lasting quality, Huron Automatic Screw Company offers clients tips on how to approach finding the right manufacturer. In a general sense, there are three things that are most important when choosing a manufacturer: quality of product, turn-around time, and communicative accessibility. Quality and turn-around time are obvious things to consider, but having a clear and convenient line of communication is often overlooked, even though it’s just as important as the others. Building a strong relationship with your supplier opens the opportunity to specify precise requirements for prototypes. Bringing a prototype to production is a substantial part of a business plan, meaning that choosing the right manufacturer plays an imperative role in the process. Consider Local Manufacturers Many suppliers make the mistake of taking prototype production overseas after finding that overseas suppliers will offer a lower price. Though this is often true, it’s important to realize that you are likely sacrificing things like quality and ease of communication and collaboration. By partnering with a domestic manufacturer, you can feel more confident about the manufacturing quality and labor standards you’re provided. Also, communication errors become much less frequent. Developing such a close relationship gives the added [...]

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