The Problem with Problems? HELLO MY FRIENDS! How many of you are unwilling to let go of something that’s heavy in your life because it’s safe and comfortable, it’s familiar? What we tend to do is hold onto problems like they’re real and like they’re the truth of what is. Now, how about that, the problem, is actually a lie, and that if you would clear that and be open to another possibility would allow you to receive something you have never been able to receive before because you have been blocking yourself from receiving something that is light for you? So what would it be like to no longer invest in your problems but look at the possibilities and see what that opens up for you? A Space to BE With Take a moment now to tune in and ask yourself the following questions. What are you aware of that’s heavy in your life? What would it be like to no longer function from that limitation? What else is possible that you have yet to consider choosing? What would you like to generate and create? Let’s Talk About It! What are you aware of now? Is this heavy problem worth holding onto anymore? Would you like to clear it and choose something else? When you [...]

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