Avoiding Antibiotic Misuse

The misuse of antibiotics in dentistry happens often, but by consulting an endodontist during diagnosis, the risk can be greatly reduced. In the dental practice, there are generally two reasons why a patient might be prescribed antibiotics: prophylactic prevention or therapeutic treatment. Prophylactic antibiotics are prescribed to prevent diseases that begin in the oral flora, but could potentially affect other parts of the body. Most often, these antibiotics are used for the prevention of endocarditis. On the other hand, therapeutic antibiotics are used in dentistry to treat diseases of the hard and soft tissues in the oral cavity; usually after local debridement has failed. The causes for both prophylactic and therapeutic antibiotics fall under the umbrella of endodontic responsibility, meaning it is critical for endodontists to understand antibiotic use and misuse in the industry. At Professional Endodontics, our specialists are trained to be weary of antibiotic use, and in the case that they are necessary, be certain that the prescription isn’t exaggerated. A Summary of Antibiotics in Dentistry Despite the lack of clinical evidence demonstrating the need for antibiotics, dentists have been prescribing them for decades, and still do. The reasoning is founded in the dentist’s intention to make their patients [...]

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Affordable Prescription Fertility Treatment Gives Couples More Privacy and Control

The Conception Kit® at-home system is a great first step for couples looking to optimize their chances of getting pregnant and is available by prescription at pharmacies nationwide. October, 2015 - A prescription fertility treatment is available that allows couples to regain privacy and control as they are trying to conceive. The Conception Kit® at-home system is a prescription fertility treatment that can be used in conjunction with fertility medications and used during the first months of trying to conceive. The kit contains all the components necessary for a three-month treatment and is now available as a prescription benefit under many insurance plans. “Whether a patient is trying to get pregnant with a first baby or adding to a growing family, conceiving a child is not always easy,” shares Conceivex Inc. “The Conception Kit® at-home system is a comprehensive, FDA-cleared medical device that is designed to go beyond ovulation timing and overcome common fertility problems such as low sperm count, low sperm motility, and PH imbalance.” The Conception Kit® includes 24 ovulation predictors for timing the Luteinizing Hormone Surge (LHSurge) which is the best time for conception to occur. With the kit, semen is collected in a non-spermicidal, non-latex semen [...]

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