Partner with an Endodontist for More Precise Diagnoses

The AAE has been pushing for universal diagnostic language and techniques to create more precise diagnoses amongst industry professionals. Until recently, there have been numerous diagnostic classification systems advocated for when determining endodontic infection/disease. The result of having such a variety of diagnostic systems has been confusion, misleading terminology, and, too often, incorrect diagnoses, leading to improper or unnecessary treatment. Thankfully, in 2008, the AAE held a conference in order to standardize diagnostic techniques and terms in endodontics. Since then, the push for universal diagnostics has been quite successful and has led to a lower percentage of misdiagnoses. As a result, it is more beneficial than ever for dentists to partner with endodontists offering a second opinion and more precise diagnosis. How Has the AAE Changed the Diagnostic System? Endodontic diagnosis is a complicated process that cannot be determined by examining a single piece of information. The clinician must piece together all of the available information to create a “probable” diagnosis. Included in the category of useful information is the patient’s medical and dental history. With a standardized system for diagnostic terms, understanding and applying that information is much easier. The AAE and ABE have approved a list of proper [...]

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