Santa Barbara Porsche Presents the Pioneering Hybrid Technology of the Porsche 918 Spyder

Porsche produces a distinct hybrid sports car that defies current beliefs about achieving maximum power, control, and fuel consumption.  Porsche continues to extend its motor racing pedigree with luxury, refinement, and efficiency embodied in the 918 Spyder.  This unique car features maximum performance, functionality, and improved consumption.  At Porsche, the design team was challenged with creating a super sports car for the future by incorporating a powerfully effective hybrid drive.  To accomplish this, the team began with a simple sheet of white paper, throwing aside outdated ideas and embracing innovative new concepts.  To maximize its efficiency, the 918 Spyder was designed around the hybrid drive, optimizing its power and potential.  The process resulted in uncompromising power and efficiency, without one inhibiting the other.  Join us at Santa Barbara Porsche as we explore the advanced concepts, engineering and design that make define this remarkable new sports car. Hybrid Drive Dynamics At Santa Barbara Porsche, we are most excited about the no-compromise driving dynamics made possible through the 918 Spyder’s hybrid drive.  California drivers will appreciate the unique all-wheel drive concept that seamlessly works with a combination of the combustion engine and the electric motor for maximum power and efficiency.  Interestingly, the [...]

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