Soave Enterprises Utilizes Innovative Green Tri-Generation Technology

Soave Enterprises affiliate Great Northern Hydroponics is producing more than 22 million pounds of tomatoes each year, in a 50-acre greenhouse.  This is no small task, and being environmentally-friendly about it is even more impressive. Traditionally, tri-generation refers to burning of a fuel, such as natural gas, to get electricity, heating and cooling. In the case of Soave Enterprises’ Great Northern Hydroponics (GNH), they are a natural gas-fired 12mW tri-generation facility burning natural gas and getting electricity, heat, and CO2 in return. Ontario, Canada-based GNH, a division of Soave Enterprises, signed a 20-year government contract for generation of the 11.5mW of electricity. Under the contract, the Canadian government is purchasing the electricity generated by the plant – enough to power 5,000 residential homes in the local area. The GNH's tomato crops, their energy costs, and the environment as a whole will benefit a ton – literally. The facility cost about Cdn$20 million to complete; however, the greenhouse will save Soave Enterprises a minimum of 50% of its energy costs over the next 20 years and will capture 15,000 tons of CO2 – which would normally go into the atmosphere - for the fertilization of their tomatoes. "The objective of this [...]