How to Relieve Patient Anxiety Surrounding Root Canal Treatment

Alleviating patient anxiety surrounding root canal treatment could mean the retention of your patient’s natural dentition. There is a stigma surrounding root canal treatment that carries along with it false anxieties about it being a painful and possibly dangerous experience. Not surprisingly, this stigma is mostly upheld and spread by people who have never undergone the treatment. Nevertheless, there is a stream of misinformation that claims the treatment is not only painful, but can lead to disease elsewhere in the body, such as cancer, stroke, etc. These misconceptions have led many patients to prematurely opt for extraction and implantation when their natural tooth could still have been saved. It’s universally agreed upon that in any case where the natural tooth can be saved, it should be saved. This is a reason why partnering with an endodontist is beneficial for dental practices. Consulting an endodontist for a second opinion ensures the patient that the recommended treatment is the best option. However, to alleviate patient anxiety toward root canal treatment, the best method is to present the patient with relative, valid information to combat the myths. For instance: Myth #1 – Root canal treatment causes severe pain This is simply not true. [...]