Offer Patients a More Precise Diagnosis by Partnering with Professional Endodontics

Diagnosing pulpal conditions is a process that can often differ from practice to practice. Many diagnostic classification systems have been proposed in the past and, as a result, there is a flood of them within the dental industry. The problem with having a variety of these systems is that differing language and techniques can lead to incorrect diagnoses, furthermore, leading to improper or unnecessary treatment. That’s why the AAE has been working with dentists and endodontists nationwide to create a standardized diagnostic process including a universal language. This project began in 2008 and has already led to a lower percentage of misdiagnoses. Professional Endodontics makes it a priority to keep up with the AAE’s efforts and apply these standardized processes to our own practice. Breakdown of Standardized Diagnostic Procedure In addition to creating a universal language used for diagnosing patients, the AAE has made an effort to develop a standard of procedure to follow so that the process of diagnosing patients is also universal. A dental professional can’t diagnose a patient by examining a single piece of information. Rather, he or she must analyze all the available information to form a “probable” diagnosis. According to the AAE, this process should [...]

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