Soave Corporate Employees Work Small Miracles for U.S. Troops

Soave Enterprises employees have been working small miracles for our U.S. military members.  Miracles can assume many different forms, but the ones prepared this fall by Soave Enterprises appeared in the shape of 88 boxes. Miracle Boxes, as they are dubbed by the non-profit group Desert Angels, are care packages intended to raise the spirits of American troops serving overseas.   Desert Angels Delivering Miracle Boxes Louise Downs, founder of the Desert Angels non-profit organization relies on the efforts of individuals and companies like Soave Enterprises in her area to fill each Miracle Box sent to the troops.  She states, “People sincerely want to show their love and support, and I am very happy to help give that desire some direction.  Packing Miracle Boxes is a simple way to reach out, but it does make such a BIG difference!”   Since 2001, the Michigan-based organization has been coordinating the efforts of patriotic individuals, groups and companies preparing Miracle Boxes for soldiers.  The boxes are filled with a variety of needed items, as well as words of encouragement, hope, and love.  Extra items are also added to share and pass out to the native people of the countries the Troops are [...]

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Soave Offers Phoenix Residents the Luxury Urban Lifestyle

Soave Real Estate Group has set sights on fast-growing Phoenix. In partnership with SW Development Group, Anthony Soave has plans for Museum Towers, a luxury, high-rise condominium within the city’s vibrant arts district.   Located just north of downtown, between the Phoenix Museum of Art and the Library, the development will provide front-door access to the city’s light-rail line and be within walking distance of a multi-acre park.   Life at Museum Towers Imagine, if you will, leaving your sky-high condo in the arts district of Phoenix, going down to the lobby, handing your dry cleaning to the concierge, grabbing a coffee and muffin at the gourmet grocery, and hopping on the light-rail directly in front of your building. When you come home from your 10-minute commute? Hit the spa, the outdoor pool, or just go directly to the wine bar. Life can be that easy.   “The Museum Towers concept is urban resort living,” explains Dan Roma, Vice President of Soave Real Estate Group. “Residents will experience an exceptional quality of life with many on-site services which may include such amenities as an outdoor pool, wine bar, barbeque and garden areas, and a dog running track. With the immediate [...]

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Anthony Soave Appreciates Old and New at Soave Enterprises

Anthony Soave takes time to appreciate both the old and new aspects of life and business.  He understands that without each, growth and improvement can be difficult to come by.  In a late issue of Soave Enterprises’ Spectrum newsletter to employees, Anthony Soave shares the following insight and encouragement that is applicable both to life and to business:   Often, if you look around our communities, there still exist the old, persistent challenges – the threats of recession, the aging infrastructure, the healthcare crisis, the politics, and the poor. Yet, each day you also see new developments, new ideas, new leaders and new success stories – the signs of prosperity and hopefulness that keep us focused on what’s possible.   Looking to our own organization (Soave Enterprises), there are many areas where the old and the new come together for exciting and inspiring results. By example, one of our newest condominium developments is in northern Phoenix - an older, yet increasingly vibrant, area in need of in-fill properties. Here, between the Phoenix Museum of Arts and the Phoenix Public Library, The Museum Towers will offer high-rise urban resort living to over 600 owners.   At the Soave Enterprises affiliate, MPS [...]

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Soave’s Brambleton Community to Host Inaugural Kids Triathlon This Fall

Brambleton, VA, August 2012 – Soave Enterprises’ master-planned Brambleton community is hosting the inaugural Kids Triathlon, scheduled for Saturday, September 1, 2012.  The event is open to the public and will be held at the Community Center Pool located at 42654 Regal Wood Drive.   “We are excited to be hosing the first ever Kids Triathlon, and we are looking forward to a great time with all our local residents, friends, and family as we pull together to support our youth,” says Kim Adams, Director of Marketing at Brambleton.   The Soave community has built a reputation for successfully hosting running and active events and is the ideal location for this inaugural event.  Just this year, the community hosted the 5K/10K Ringing in Hope Run, Ribbon Run, Journey to the Cure.  Brambleton was also recently named a 2012 Runner Friendly Community by the Road Runner’s Club of America for their participation and support of such events.   Brambleton’s beautiful streetscapes and hundreds of miles of trails make it an ideal location for community running events including the upcoming triathlon.  The goal of the Kids Triathlon is to ensure a safe, high quality experience for young athletes and their families and [...]

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Soave Community Named 2012 Runner Friendly Community

Brambleton, VA August 2012 – Soave Enterprises’ master-planned community was recently selected as a 2012 Runner Friendly Community by the Road Runner’s Club of America.  The club is the oldest and largest distance running organization in the United States and selects only a handful of new communities for the title each year. “We are thrilled to receive this honorary title,” states Brambleton’s Director of Marketing, Kim Adams.  “Our staff and residents are proud of the beautiful community trails and we are so grateful to consistently receive such outstanding support from the community for local running events.” The Soave community known as Brambleton hosts thousands of runners at annual 5K/10K running events including the Ribbon Run, Journey for the Cure, and Ringing in Hope.  In addition to these races, the first annual Brambleton Kids Triathlon will be held in September of this year.  Brambleton’s beautiful streetscapes and hundreds of miles of trails make it an ideal location for community running events. All year round, on any given day, runners can be seen throughout the community enjoying a scenic run in the Soave community.  Soave developers purposefully created hundreds of miles of trails along parks and common areas, luscious landscape and waterfalls [...]

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Soave Workers Help Give New Life to Legendary Steel Beams

Soave employees took notices when distinctive blue steel beams arrived at a Ferrous Processing & Trading (FPT) scrap facility.  They were quickly able to name the beams’ former home – Detroit’s legendary Tiger Stadium. The arena has stood empty since its last Major League Baseball game on September 27, 1999, after which the Tigers moved to nearby Comerica Park.   Beginning in July when heavy equipment began crumbling the walls, the stadium’s steel and nonferrous metals - 89,000 pounds of aluminum, copper and other valuable commodities from the demolished portion of the stadium - have traveled to FPT yards in and near Detroit to be cut to size or shredded before being sold to be re-melted. The recycled materials will eventually become everything from new cars to kitchen appliances.   “That’s the beauty of metal,” FPT’s Executive Vice President Chip Hering noted. “Metal has no memory of what it used to be.”   Soave employees are helping to bring new life to the famous old beams.  Almost 95 percent of the demolished part of the stadium is being recycled, an impressive figure compared with a typical industry standard of 75 percent. That estimate includes over 11.4 million pounds of steel [...]

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Soave Community Participates in World’s Largest Swimming Lesson

Soave’s master-planned community Brambleton participated with other Virginia county pools in the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson to raise awareness about a leading cause of accident deaths in children 1-5. The official worldwide number of participants is not yet known, but 50 Ashburn swimmers at the Brambleton Sport & Health Club (created by Soave Enterprises) participated in a coordinated attempt to break a Guinness World Record for The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson, or WLSL. Going for the Record The event was organized in Overalnd Park, Kansas and more than 30,000 kids are anticipated to splash their way to the record. It is also a way for the Soave community and others to help raise awareness that drowning is the second-leading cause of accidental deaths in children ages 1-5, as reported by the Center for Disease Control. According to the WLSL, research shows swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88 percent for children ages 1-4. “Parents understand how important it is to protect kids by using car seats and requiring bike helmets,” said Rowdy Gaines, Olympic gold medalist and official spokesman for the event. “Someday, we hope the same will hold true for teaching kids to swim.” Gaines and [...]

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Anthony Soave Aims for Continued Growth and Success in 2012

Anthony Soave is continuing to build his business holdings by diversifying and working towards collaborative growth and partnerships in the coming years. Detroit, MI August 1, 2012 –   Despite the economic downturn of recent years, Soave Enterprises has continued to foster success and innovation throughout each of its varied companies and industries.  Thanks to Soave’s continuing efforts, every employee is taught to seek ways to innovate, cooperate, and give back to build stronger professional and community relationships. Whether it is within the construction, real estate, metals recycling, business services, or automotive industries, there is a hardworking team moving forward with innovative ideas and healthy collaboration. Soave encourages collaboration and states, ”By doing their part to overcome the inevitable challenges and work together to grow teams that are focused, courageous, and passionate, every team at Soave Enterprises is ultimately unbeatable!” Soave Enterprises is a privately held, Detroit-based company with holdings in dozens of companies. Its substantial financial and managerial resources bring strength to these entities. These holdings encompass a wide array of industries including: metals recycling, real estate, industrial services, beverage distribution, automotive retailing, transportation, hydroponic greenhouse operations, and warehousing and logistics. During the first three decades, Soave Enterprises founded [...]

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Soave Enterprises Employs Innovative New Steelmaking Technology

Detroit, MI August 1, 2012 - Soave Enterprises’ owner, Anthony Soave understands that a diversified and evolving industry requires agile equipment and processes that can adapt to varied demands. At the forefront of their trade, Detroit-based Ferrous Processing & Trading (a division of Soave Enterprises) has recently completed the development and implementation of a new system that will allow it to efficiently meet the needs of all its steelmaking customers. The proprietary RamPress process automatically handles, condenses, and loads scrap metal generated at automotive and other industrial stamping plants. The patent-pending system operates continuously while being monitored remotely via internet data communications with no onsite personnel required from Soave Enterprises. Ferrous Processing& Trading’s Executive Vice President A.G. "Chip" Hering conceptualized the improved system. He explains that the RamPress “capitalizes on developments in scrap re-melting in the steel industry. This new process generates a dense scrap product that is highly valued while also providing substantial savings in scrap handling at the stamping plant compared to conventional techniques.” Importantly, the innovative RamPress process can package sheet steel scrap into a form compatible with both traditional integrated steelmakers and the newer mini-mills. The automated equipment compresses sheet steel into a “wafer” that is [...]

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Soave Celebrates Opening of Van Elslander Pavilion

Anthony Soave provides support for the new state-of-the art pavilion at St. John Hospital and Medical Center. It isn't often a building can upstage physicians and corporate leaders, but that is what the new Van Elslander Pavilion at St. John Hospital and Medical Center did at the Donor Preview prior to the pavilion opening. The pavilion has become the main entrance for the hospital.  But that is just one component of the $163 million expansion program planned for the hospital. The W. Warren Shelden Heart and Circulatory Center and the Diagnostic Imaging Department are now open for business and over 100 new private patient rooms. According to St. John's President and CEO, David B. Stephens, the goal is to make the hospital a regional destination medical center. By sponsoring the pavilion, Anthony Soave is helping the medical center take a major step in that direction. "Studies have shown that patients want private rooms," he explained. "Our goal is to attract patients with not only outstanding staff, but facilities as well. They also want convenience and amenities, and we have incorporated many of not only their requests, but physicians' requests as well, into the facility." If the reaction from guests at [...]

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