Don’t Let Oral Health Issues Ruin Your Summer

Follow these simple steps to maintaining good oral health during the summer months. Summer is here and that brings many anticipated activities including vacations, poolside afternoons, hiking, travelling, and gathering with friends and family. While this time of year can be more relaxed, it is important to remember to take care of yourself including keeping up with good oral health. The last thing you need is a toothache sidelining you during your summer activities and preventing you from enjoying time off with those you love. To keep yourself healthy and well during the summer months, remember these simple tips: Drink plenty of water – It is important to stay well hydrated to prevent tooth decay and protect the sensitive tissue of your gums. While it may be tempting to reach for a sugary drink or even a frosty lemonade, water is the best choice. Ingredients like sugar and citric acid can cause tooth decay and juices, soda, alcoholic drinks, and coffee just do not hydrate your body as well as water. Protect your mouth – Summer is an ideal time to gather with friends for outdoor games and activities. Whether you are climbing, biking, or playing a team sport, it [...]