Anthony Soave Cultivates Optimism in the Workplace

Anthony Soave encourages his employees to take an optimistic stance towards business to look for hidden opportunities. The world continues to be bombarded with negative reports, analyses and criticisms regarding our current global economic crisis. No doubt, there’s a lot of bad news out there. No doubt, it is very personal to those who have lost their jobs, as well as to those who are working hard to protect the jobs that remain and create the new ones. Despite the fact we often have to strain to hear any bit of good news, it is out there…and in a challenging time like this, Soave Enterprises is still finding opportunities to make some good news of their own. That is often how it works. Many of today’s best known companies were launched during periods of tremendous economic difficulty. Proctor & Gamble was founded during the Panic of 1837. IBM was launched during the Long Depression of 1873 –1896. GE left the blocks during the Panic of 1873. United Technologies began operations amid the turmoil of the Great Depression. Most recently, FedEx took flight during the 1973 Oil Crisis.   Each of these companies recognized something that is vital to success: every [...]