All Hands on Deck for Offshore Voluntary Disclosures

Through extensive experience Freeman Tax Law has created a multi-disciplinary approach for handling offshore voluntary disclosures yielding effective and efficient results for clients Jeffrey S. Freeman, J.D., LL.M Filing Offshore Voluntary Disclosures with the Internal Revenue Service requires expert legal and financial skills. Many law firms rely on outside accounting firms to provide assistance when needed on disclosures. Freeman Tax Law is taking a unique approach and bringing accountants and attorneys to the table together. Your Multi-Disciplinary Team Drawing on each other's strengths,  Freeman Tax has brought accountants in house to work with attorneys on Offshore Voluntary Disclosures. Working together on one team Allows for an efficient flow of information  and project communication with the client. The accountants on the team work preparing the FBAR form and also provide assistance preparing the tax returns.  When dealing with both international and domestic tax issues the corresponding tax returns are very complex. Accuracy on FBAR forms are extremely crucial. By bringing accountants in house Freeman Tax is able to have highly trained and experience professionals consistently working on their clients tax returns. Attorneys work with clients to prepare the voluntary disclosure letter and accompanying documents to be sent to the IRS. Team [...]