Keeping up with Canal Preparation and Obturation Techniques

In the midst of continuous medical and technological advances, Professional Endodontics manages to stay current in an ever-evolving industry. Considered to be the two pillars of nonsurgical endodontics, canal preparation and obturation (filling) are often critical steps in the path toward long term tooth retention. Depending on the diagnosis, endodontic treatment for a root canal will typically involve the preparation and obturation of the canal. Briefly explained, canal preparation is the clearing and disinfecting of the root canal to provide adequate access for obturation, which is the process of filling and sealing the canal after treatment. As is true for most medical practices, the instruments and methods used in these procedures are constantly being updated to support the endodontist’s number one goal: save the natural tooth. At Professional Endodontics, one of our core priorities is to stay current within our field and maintain the newest and most effective methods for achieving that goal. By collaborating with us, dental practices can utilize our technology and expertise, providing a further sense of comfort for patients. Recent Developments in Endodontics Root canal treatment is generally the most common reason to visit an endodontist, therefore canal preparation and obturation are vital tools of the [...]