Range Rover Rolls Out a New Plug-In Hybrid Powertrain

Interested in finding a new Range Rover but are in search of something with some extra efficiency? For the first time ever, Range Rover is adding a plug-in hybrid version of its famous Sport version. Badged as the P400e, this new powertrain will add some extra efficiency to the Range Rover Sport lineup. Alongside two choices for gasoline engines, this plug-in hybrid offers enough power to be perfect for everyday use, while still offering the versatility of a gas-powered backup option. The P400e marks Range Rover’s first foray into a plug-in hybrid option. This SUV will offer 31 miles of electric range, perfect for those with short commutes. This range will give you the ideal amount of electric range to allow for daily, gas-free driving. The first plug-in hybrid from Range Rover is poised to bring efficiency to the luxury market You’ll still enjoy all of the premium features you’d expect from a Range Rover as well. With a premium interior that provides an exceptional luxury experience, you’ll have a great ride whether you’re in the back seat or driving. Class and sophistication abound in this SUV, making it an all-around appealing PHEV option. Other premium options include a Driver [...]

Why Customers Should Choose Santa Barbara Auto Group

Explore reasons why Santa Barbara Auto Group customers experience such a high level of satisfaction when purchasing their luxury vehicle. Driving a luxury vehicle is, for quite obvious reasons, a luxury. It is committing to a higher quality driving experience. Whether you are interested in the engineering quality, safety features, comfort, technology, design, or any of the multiple other reasons to drive a luxury car, it is important to research and find the vehicle that best suits your lifestyle. Sales representatives at Santa Barbara Auto Group are here to make the search easier for you, and help you find that perfect luxury vehicle. Santa Barbara Auto Group offers luxury vehicles from eight premium brands: Acura, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and smart. Visit Santa Barbara Auto Group to speak with knowledgeable and friendly brand-trained professionals. Shop Online at Santa Barbara Auto Group’s User-Friendly Website Buying a new luxury vehicle is an exciting experience and Santa Barbara Auto Group is determined to make the process move as smoothly as possible. That’s why they have dedicated the design of their website for customer convenience and user-friendly navigating. Through thorough and practical web-designing, Santa Barbara Auto Group has made it possible [...]

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Save Time and Shop Online with Santa Barbara Auto Group

Santa Barbara Auto Group offers a significant array of luxury vehicles online so drivers can easily shop and compare their favorite models from anywhere. Thanks to the innovative technology available today, people live very differently than they did just a few decades ago. Almost anything can be shared or done online from banking, to grocery shopping, to dating, to earning a degree. The possibilities are endless thanks to the vast collection of information and services available in the internet. This includes everything you need to purchase a new car. At Santa Barbara Auto Group, we provide customers access to hundreds of vehicles from eight premium brands including Acura, Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and smart. Customers can access reviews, brochures, pricing discounts, and more online before they ever walk into the dealership. Access Inventory and Model Information Online At Santa Barbara Auto Group, we recognize the value of online shopping and research and have made it easier and more convenient than ever to find your new car. Santa Barbara drivers can visit us online and view our entire inventory of new and pre-owned luxury vehicles from all eight luxury brands. Whether you are looking for a new sports [...]

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