Audi Offers Glimpse into Future New Models

North Scottsdale, AZ,  June 2, 2012 – Audi North Scottsdale recently shared a sneak peek of the newest Audi model that could be headed for their showroom in 2015.  According to a recent social media post, Audi North Scottsdale suggests to local fans that the global brand might be introducing new models like the Q8. “We are excited for what future models will bring,” says Audi North Scottsdale General Manager, Mark Reicks.   “Audi is constantly seeking innovative new designs that will provide Audi drivers with uncompromising quality and performance.” The speculation is due to the fact that Audi recently trademarked a series of new names including the “Q8”.  This would most likely be an SUV vehicle related to the currently popular Q7. According to the British magazine CAR, the new Q8 is being developed on the new MLB platform and should be lighter and more efficient.  New Q7 models will benefit from Q8 design and technology shifts as well.  The Audi Q8 is expected to utilize current Audi Q7 engines – V6 models with 230 and 300hp, a TDI diesel option, and a 4.2 V8 engine. The Audi Q8 is expected to launch in 2015.  Until then, Arizona Audi fans [...]