2017 Acura MDX is Revealed with a Front End Make-Over

After the previous model’s grille received some defamation for sporting what people called a “beak”, the 2017 model is redesigned for a more stylish appeal. The Acura MDX has been a fan favorite of Acura customers for a while now. This can be attributed to its similarity in quality to the more prestigious luxury brand cross-overs, while boasting a much more affordable price. However, the last model of the Acura MDX was off-putting to many Acura drivers because of the addition of a shield-shaped front end grille that some say resembled a beak. Acura took note of this and sent its engineers to work reconfiguring the 2017 model. The result is a much more stylish “diamond-pentagon” grille that demonstrates the perfect balance of character and luxury that this car delivers. In addition to new style, the 2017 Acura MDX brings a lot to the table. The Most Entertaining Cross-Over Fitting three-rows into a cross-over without sacrificing style, comfort, or efficiency is not easy to, but Acura managed to pull it off. For a vehicle that provides such spatial capabilities, the 2017 Acura MDX provides a surprisingly athletic ride. The torque-vectoring rear differential distributes torque to the outside-rear wheel, effectively suppressing [...]

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The New Acura MDX Speaks to Performance

Acura will release an updated version of the 2017 MDX late this summer that offers a wide array of innovative safety, design, and comfort elements. At Acura, the culture is all about performance. The 2017 MDX does not disappoint and offers a unique set of performance features that drivers will love. It was recently highlighted at the New York Auto Show and has already garnered a lot of attention and praise. The 2017 MDX will feature a bolder new body styling that speaks to its dynamic performance capabilities. While it is not yet available in showrooms, drivers can learn more about its unique features and design with us at Acura Santa Barbara. Let’s take a look at what makes the 2017 Acura MDX so special… MDX Beauty Captivates Drivers Even the first glance at the 2017 Acura MDX will take your breath away – thanks to the beautiful and distinctive diamond pentagon grille. The overall design of the vehicle is sharper and sportier. The headlamps feature the popular Jewel Eye™ headlights and LED fog lights for better visibility in good or bad weather. To call out the premium performance of the MDX, Acura designers selected a new chrome rocket panel [...]

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