Preserve the Natural Dentition of Your Patients with Professional Endodontics

Partnering with Professional Endodontics improves the chances of retaining the natural dentition of each of your patients. According to the latest issue of Endodontics: Colleagues for Excellence, published surveys have shown that the vast majority of dental patients prefer to preserve their natural dentition over the option of dental extraction whenever possible. Substantial technological and biological advances have been made in all fields of the dentistry profession, making the long-term retention of natural dentition more and more achievable. Patients expect their dental care providers to give them the best and most informed recommendations regarding their oral health and function. By collaborating with an endodontist, dentists can broaden their knowledge-base and create an interdisciplinary network to ensure that the path chosen is in the absolute best interest of the patient. Treatment Planning Options to Save Natural Teeth In recent years, the procedure of replacing natural teeth with dental implants has become simpler and more successful, therefore leading many dentists to prematurely jump to this solution. However, there are many cases in which the natural tooth could have been saved had an endodontist been consulted. In most situations where extraction is an option, there are many factors that must be consider such [...]

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