Grand PooBox is Purrr-Fect for Modern Feline Owners

The Grand PooBox litter box design proposes less litter for a more tidy litter box environment  Cleaning the kitty litter isn’t the most pleasing chore on the list, but with the new Grand PooBox litter box, cleaning is easier and less tedious. This modern litter box is unique in design, pleasing to the eye and easy to use for your furry little friend. This creative litter box design doesn’t need to be tucked away in a closet or worse the bathroom. The modern look can fit in any space in and around your living area as its sleek colorful designs include white, tangerine orange, cobalt blue and charcoal gray. Cats acclimate quickly and humans enjoy 50% less litter to sweep up on a daily basis. This innovative litter box with a purr-puss offers an internal grated ramp so when your cat finishes his or her business, the only way out is to walk up the grated ramp for cleaner, less tracking of litter on the outside of the box. Take a moment to check out the stylish Grand PooBox at and learn how this simple design can lighten your load. The Grand PooBox makes life easier for cat owners [...]