Middle Management – The Key to Lean

When assessing the effectiveness and direction of lean in your organization you might find yourself in one of these places: The Continuous Improvement Program Managers have run a lot of high impact projects. We either need more CI managers or we need to increase skill and capability of line management. We seem to have plateaued in our lean journey. Passion and energy seem to have dimmed. Top management has committed to lean. The budget is in place. Training is effective. There is a core of strong experts to lead the organization. The roadmap has been written. However, day-to-day operations remain as they have been – firefighting, too many meetings, too busy to work on being too busy. Lean is centered on operations – manufacturing or service providers. Lean is extra work or projects. If any of these statements sound familiar, take some time to go observe what middle management in your part of the business is doing. I define middle management as line managers and their next level managers. They are typically 1-2 levels removed from the top managers in the organization. The habitual behaviors and actions of middle management define the day-to-day real world culture and process in any [...]

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