Mercedes-Benz Offers Four Models in the Luxurious 2018 SL-Class Lineup

Abundant features present in the four various models of the 2018 SL-Class lineup The 2018 Mercedes Benz SL-Class lineup is available in four models, SL450, SL500, AMG SL63 and AMG SL65. While all models come in all-wheel drive, Mercedes equips the SL450, SL500 with a nine-speed automatic transmission with rear-wheel drive. The AMG SL63 and AMG SL65 are offered in a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Safety is a priority in the 2018 Mercedes Benz SL Class. Standard safety features are abundant in all four models and include Attention Assist for the sleepy driver. In a rare event that your eyelids begin to get heavy on your long journey home, you can be assured, Attention Assist will keep you alert and safe. Other standard features include Collision Prevention Assist Plus and Active Brake Assist, pop-up roll bars, and the Pre-Safe feature. The Pre-Safe feature closes windows and tightens the seatbelt when the potential for an accident is detected. It’s hard to imagine vehicles designed with these amazing intelligent safety features, but imagine no more because these vehicles are here and ready for a test drive at Mercedes-Benz Santa Barbara, where our brand-trained representatives can show you all we have to offer in [...]

Mercedes Benz Boasts its Spectacular Design of the 2017 E-Class Saloon Series Sedan

Mercedes Benz E-Class Saloon Series sedan offers a dynamic comfort with supreme performance Modern elegance is abounding in the all-new 2017 E-Class Saloon Series Mercedes. Design modifications start with the exterior with a dominant, but simplified front-end. The large signature three-pointed star, centered in the front grille offers an appeal of elegance. The exterior body mirrors, longer wheelbase and well-designed spacious cabin also add to the luxurious score of the E-Class Saloon Series. This versatile Mercedes is unrivaled in its masculine body and sleek aerodynamic design. Mercedes offers more defined bodylines and sharper edges in the E-Class Saloon than models in years past. This sophisticated roadster exudes comfort during luxurious business ventures, long-distance travels or leisurely driving. It exudes a graceful presence in luxurious style. The wide array of the E-Class Saloon models brings excitement and prestige to its travelers. Stop in at Mercedes-Benz Santa Barbara and test drive one of the various Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloon models today. The 2017 Mercedes E-Class Saloon delivers engine performance and unique features All Mercedes E-Class Saloon models at Mercedes-Benz Santa Barbara include a nine-speed automatic gearbox and changes gear with a fluid response and acts immediately when extra acceleration occurs. The exciting power [...]

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Santa Barbara Auto Group Offers Luxury, Variety and Excellent Service

Paying attention to customer requests is the number one priority at Santa Barbara Auto Group Are you looking for highest quality in a new or pre-owned vehicle? Look no further than Santa Barbara Auto Group. Our brand-trained representatives are here to serve and take pride in understanding the needs of customers old and new. Santa Barbara Auto Group customer service is about one-on-one care and longevity in relationships with its large customer base. Not only do we want to provide you with the ultimate in automotive excellence, we also make your needs our number one priority. It’s about understanding what each customer is searching for when considering the purchase or lease of a new or pre-owned vehicle at Santa Barbara Auto Group. Our personal attention and vast knowledge of the vehicles we sell make Santa Barbara Auto Group the premium dealership in vehicle sales and service. Stop in at Santa Barbara Auto Group and ask any of our brand-trained representatives about the many brand varieties we offer. Santa Barbara Auto Group encompasses luxury and variety in its brand offerings Santa Barbara Auto Group offers unique style and luxury in every vehicle leased or sold. From the classic elegance found in [...]

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Mercedes-Benz Presents an Impressive Lineup in the Future of Mobility

Launch may be sooner than anticipated With a commitment to launch 10 new electric vehicle models within the next decade, Mercedes-Benz wants to lead in the movement of futuristic vehicles for its eager patrons. Leaving industry competitors in the dust, Mercedes plans to harness that commitment with reality. Mercedes Santa Barbara is excited to be a part of the journey. The launch year of the electric autos may come quicker as Daimler Chairman Manfred Bischoff explained in a company shareholder meeting that they pose 2022 as the year Mercedes brings vehicles to market. This is about three years earlier than expected. Mercedes Santa Barbara leaps forward with the automaker that plans to spend $10 billion toward the effort to bring the future in electric vehicles to the industry, as reported by Elizabeth Behrmann, in a March 29, 2017, Bloomberg online article. Reasons behind innovative efforts, to be a cut above the rest Daimler-owned Mercedes understands the fallout of the diesel engine associated with Volkswagen Scandal in 2015 (Volkswagen installed diesel software in nearly 11 million vehicles to cheat nitrogen-oxide emissions tests). With the fallout raises new awareness of the necessity in honest transitions toward cleaner environments. The future in automobile [...]

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How to Service your Mercedes-Benz

The most important part to owning/leasing any luxury vehicle is to make sure it’s receiving routine service/maintenance checks. Mercedes-Benz is one of the most highly respected brands in automotive history. The brand has a reputation for designing reliable luxury vehicles while staying at the forefront of innovation and efficiency. However, like any vehicle a Mercedes-Benz will only maintain that luxurious driving experience if the vehicle is properly taken care of. The best way to do that is to bring your Mercedes-Benz into Mercedes-Benz Santa Barbara for routine service/maintenance checks. Mercedes-Benz Santa Barbara is an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer that only employs expert brand-trained technicians to work on our customer’s vehicles. Experience peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is receiving brand-trained care with genuine brand parts. How to Schedule Service/Maintenance Appointments One of the greatest aspects of being a customer of Mercedes-Benz Santa Barbara is that we have gone above and beyond to ensure customer convenience when it comes to scheduling appointments. Mercedes-Benz Santa Barbara has created a user-friendly interactive website designed for simplicity and convenience. Users must simply create a log-in account. After you’ve created an account, there is the quick and painless process of entering in your vehicle details, [...]

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Preserve the Factory Finish on Your Luxury Vehicle with Santa Barbara Auto Group

Santa Barbara Auto Group offers Ghost Shield and First Class Paintless Dent Repair to maintain the sleek exterior of your luxury brand vehicle. Being an authorized dealer of eight premium luxury brands, Santa Barbara Auto Group knows how important it is to preserve that brand new car look. They also have the experience to know the best methods for maintaining that chic exterior shine. That’s why Santa Barbara Auto Group offers Ghost Shield to prevent things like scratches, dents, and weather deterioration from damaging your vehicle’s exterior, and First Class Paintless Dent Repair on the off-chance that it does occur. Santa Barbara Auto Group is proud to be an authorized luxury vehicle dealer and they rise to the challenge to offer you the best vehicles and services they can. How Does Ghost Shield Work? Ghost Shield is a urethane film that is transparent and durable. It’s scratch, tear, and puncture-resistant, providing a strong protective layer between your paintjob and the outside world. Ghost Shield’s virtually invisible film is capable of deflecting and absorbing impact from road debris like rocks, stones, sand, trash, and insects. There are three package options for Ghost Shield, depending on the surface area of your vehicle [...]

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Explore the New Mercedes-Benz GLE SUVs and Coupes

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE series SUVs and Coupes deliver proficiency and high-powered performance. For drivers who enjoyed the former Mercedes-Benz M-class, the GLE series will offer a refreshingly original alternative with a similar concept. The GLE series distinguishes itself as its own breed in a variety of ways. Offering an unparalleled amount of comfort and features, as well as a wide range of powertrain options, the GLE series provides drivers the ability to personalize their vehicle and tailor it to their lifestyle. Mercedes-Benz Santa Barbara is proud to be an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer, so visit the dealership to speak with a Mercedes-Benz expert to find out if the GLE is the car for you. Important Features of the GLE Series Whether you decide to drive the GLE SUV or the new GLE Coupe you will be shorted nothing in the category of raw power. In the standard package, the GLE series boasts a V-6 engine with 302 HP and 273 lb-ft of torque. However, if you are looking for a more powerful engine, Mercedes offers several levels of upgrades for the GLE that can raise the HP from 302 all the way to 577 with options in between. In addition [...]

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Mercedes-Benz History Pioneering Vehicle Safety For 130 Year

Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes) has a history of making of automotive pioneering history. The first car bears the number DRP 37435, the reference under which the patent for the “gas-powered vehicle” filed by Carl Benz on January 29, 1886. Carl Benz’s ability to be an early adopter of ideas lives on today. His entrepreneurial vision with innovation and creativity has set the stage for years to come. Since the first car, Mercedes-Benz has set the pace for all motorized vehicles. The Mercedes innovations and achievements continue 130 years later with over 100,000 patents. Much of this is embedded in the culture of the company with Carl Benz’s quote, "The love of inventing never dies."   The Mercedes-Benz Timeline of Break-Through Safety Innovations 1886 The First Motor Vehicles The self-propelled "Motorwagen" with a rear-mounted single-cylinder engine. 1931 4-Wheel Independent Suspension The Mercedes 170 features the first-ever fully independent suspension, which allows each wheel to respond individually. 1967 Safety Steering All Mercedes models are equipped with a new safety steering system as standard. The safety steering system reduces the risk of injury upon impact with the steering wheel. 1978 Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) ABS helps the driver retain steering control under heavy [...]

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Keep Your Luxury Car Running at Its Best with Santa Barbara Auto Group

Santa Barbara Auto Group provides leading-class service, repairs, and maintenance for eight premium luxury brands including Mercedes-Benz. At Santa Barbara Auto Group, we encourage drivers to stay on schedule with services and maintenance. By keeping up with scheduled maintenance work, drivers can ensure their luxury vehicle is taken care of properly so it can provide a thrilling driving experience for years to come. We offer customers convenient scheduling services to help them stay on top of their maintenance needs and to get in and out of the service department as easily and quickly as possible. Mercedes-Benz Scheduled Maintenance Services at Santa Barbara Auto Group For example, Mercedes-Benz drivers enjoy a wide array of tools to ensure their vehicle continues to perform at elevated levels throughout its lifetime. Each Mercedes-Benz model comes with a specified maintenance schedule and many of the latest models incorporate driver attention technology to alert owners when it is time for maintenance services. Mercedes-Benz models that are 2010 MY or newer operate on a similar maintenance schedule that includes Service A and Service B. Service A occurs at 10,000 miles or one year (whichever comes first) and includes important work such as an oil change, O-ring replacement, [...]

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Enjoy Worry-Free Maintenance with Mercedes-Benz at Santa Barbara Auto Group

Mercedes-Benz owners can enjoy peace of mind with Mercedes-Benz Prepaid Maintenance available now on new car purchases at Santa Barbara Auto Group. When it comes to taking care of your Mercedes-Benz, there is an intelligent and convenient way to do it. At Santa Barbara Auto Group, we encourage drivers to consider the Mercedes-Benz Prepaid Maintenance program to ensure they get the best pricing and care for their vehicle services. The MB Prepaid Maintenance program allows drivers to “lock in” the costs for their maintenance before their first service or first 10,000 miles. Benefits of Prepaid Maintenance There are many convenient benefits with the Mercedes-Benz Prepaid Maintenance program. For example, those who lease vehicles may enjoy a potential increase in residual value if purchased with lease. Buyers may also enjoy a possible increase in the overall resale value of the vehicle because they can easily prove the car was serviced according to the manufacturer’s standards. Similarly, drivers can have peace of mind knowing they have already paid for maintenance once the time comes around and the confidence of knowing their vehicle will be serviced by brand-trained technicians using Mercedes-Benz parts. Another great benefit of the Mercedes-Benz Prepaid Maintenance program is that [...]

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