Mercedes-Benz Eliminates Mileage Limits for Warranties on Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Get the most out of your certified pre-owned vehicle at Mercedes-Benz Santa Barbara with their new unlimited mileage warranties. Mercedes-Benz Santa Barbara is now offering drivers of certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles unlimited mileage warranties. Mercedes-Benz Santa Barbara doesn’t think drivers “should be punished for putting miles on [their] vehicle, but rather rewarded for taking full advantage of the luxury, performance, and style offered by a Mercedes-Benz pre-owned vehicle”. After revolutionizing the auto-industry with innovative automobiles, Mercedes-Benz decided it was time to revolutionize the warranty aspect of buying a vehicle as well. The unlimited mileage warranty program allows Mercedes-Benz drivers the confidence of knowing that if anything were to happen to within the time restraints of the warranty, they are covered regardless of miles. How Do Unlimited Mileage Warranties Work? Mercedes-Benz knows how frustrating it can be to feel forced to watch your mile count while trying to get the most out of your warranty program. To solve this problem, Mercedes-Benz eliminated mileage limits on all Mercedes-Benz certified pre-owned vehicle warranties. The standard warranty offered on Mercedes-Benz certified pre-owned vehicles is the Base Limited Warranty which lasts for one year regardless of miles—in addition to any time remaining on the initial [...]