Manage Medication Compliance with Alliance Senior Care

Home care services help to ensure that patients are taking the proper medications in the proper doses at the proper times. According to a study done by the New England Healthcare Institute, about one-tenth of hospital admissions and one-quarter of elderly care home admissions are the result of incorrect adherence to medication. The number of medications being prescribed to seniors has been exponentially growing over time, and as a result, creating a new risk for senior citizens. A simple mistake, whether it be mixing up prescriptions, taking the wrong dose, etc., could lead to serious medical problems. The staggering numbers reported by the New England Health Institute provide us with eye-opening evidence to the significance of this fairly new risk, especially in regards to senior citizens. Seniors often have numerous conflicting medications that can result in serious health risks from the smallest oversights. By having a homecare provider like Alliance Senior Care, your elderly loved ones will have assistance managing their medications. We’ve learned from experience that medication non-compliance among the elderly occurs for a number of reasons, including: Cognitive Impairments – Sometimes the medicine regimes are confusing to patients. Or memory loss plays a role and the patient forgets [...]

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