The Acura 2017-2018 Model Lineups Promise Precision-Crafted Performance and Luxury

Acura offers six models with a commitment to customer satisfaction. When considering buying or leasing your next vehicle, look no further than Acura Santa Barbara for a variety of options in the 2017-2018 Acura lineups. Six Acura models to choose from include the ILX Compact Sport Sedan, TLX Precision Crafted Performance, RLX Premium Luxury Sedan, RDX Premium Luxury Sedan, MDX Premium Luxury Sedan and the NSX Premium Luxury Sedan. Branded to satisfy Acura aficionados, Acura Vice President and General Manager, Jon Ikeda boasts, “Precision Crafted Performance is the future of this brand but it's not a destination. It's a mindset and a commitment to doing new and challenging things based on our own unique ideas for our customers.” Customer satisfaction is Acura’s main objective along with creating long-lasting personal relationships with its large customer base. Take a moment to browse the Acura Santa Barbara website to see model varieties in the 2017-2018 Acura lineups. Acura receives continued accolades along with its 2017 Acura models Understanding Acura’s commitment to a culture of high-level performance, every vehicle breaks the mold to make best in class with a determination to push boundaries and create excitement. The 2017 Acura NSX named, “2017 Car of [...]

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The Jaguar XE Delivers Sport, Luxury, and Efficiency

The Jaguar XE proves to customers that being the least expensive Sedan the brand offers does not mean quality needs to be compromised. Jaguar as a brand has never been well known for offering low-priced vehicles. They provide some of the highest quality products in the market and their prices have always been consistent with their product. However, the low price of the new Jaguar XE is almost making the brand seem charitable. This car was made for drivers who want the luxury and style of the Jaguar experience, but are looking to pay a reasonable price. The Jaguar XE is anything but average. It ranks at the top of the list in the sport sedan category, offering the thrill of a sports car with the practicality of a sedan. Choose Between XE Diesel or XE S For the time being, the Jaguar XE will be available in two options, (with another arriving shortly after): the 180-hp diesel or the driver’s choice, supercharged, 340-hp V-6 XE S. Either route you choose, you will be thoroughly satisfied, however, it is more likely that the XE S will be the crowd favorite. The XE S manages to keep its body to a [...]

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Santa Barbara Auto Group’s Tips for Purchasing a Luxury Vehicle

Let Santa Barbara Auto Group guide you through the process of finding the best luxury vehicle for your situation with these helpful tips. For most people, buying a new car is an exciting experience. More than likely, you’re purchasing a vehicle that you’ll be driving daily for possibly the next decade or longer. However, the process of purchasing a luxury vehicle is complex and can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to compare models and prices, along with package options and warranty information without a wealth of knowledge in the car industry. When making a commitment like purchasing a luxury vehicle, it’s important to know that you’re buying a car that is personalized to suit your needs. Thankfully, the team at Santa Barbara Auto Group is here to help. Not only do we strive to offer the highest quality luxury vehicles, but we also strive to create the best buyer experience for our customers. So here are a few tips to make your purchasing experience easier: Google is a Very Useful Tool Before making your way to a dealership, it’s better to do some research at home to narrow your options down to a few models that you may be [...]

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Be among the First to Own the New Jaguar XE or Jaguar F-PACE

Santa Barbara drivers can now reserve the new Jaguar XE or Jaguar F-PACE with Jaguar Santa Barbara. Jaguar is releasing a variety of exciting new vehicles in 2016, and at Jaguar Santa Barbara we want our customers to be among the first to own the latest models. Drivers do not have to wait until the release of the highly-anticipated Jaguar XE or the Jaguar F-PACE to make their claim on one of the new models. In fact, customers can be one of the first to own either of these models by making an online reservation. The online reservation process is simple. All that is required is for customers to place a $500 reservation deposit. This deposit ensures you have access to the Jaguar model you want. The service also provides complimentary built-in navigation plus a credit towards your first month payment up to $800 on an approved lease or loan through Jaguar Financial Group. Interested drivers can contact a helpful representative at Jaguar Santa Barbara to learn how they can place their reservation. This leaves just one question…which model do you prefer? Both the Jaguar XE and the Jaguar F-PACE offer unprecedented improvements and performance features. The Jaguar XE We [...]

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Why Drivers Love Luxury Vehicles at Santa Barbara Auto Group

A Santa Barbara dealer shares its favorite reasons for owning a premium luxury automobile. There is a saying that you don’t appreciate what you have until you lose it. Hopefully this is never the case for our luxury automobile customers, but it is probably true that once they have owned a premium car they will never be satisfied with anything else again. While there are many stand-out features that set luxury vehicles apart from the competition, there are also many understated benefits that go relatively unnoticed but make a huge difference. Here is a selection of our favorite features, known and obscure, that make luxury vehicles the best option for discriminating drivers. Design Premium brands value the eye-catching quality of luxury design. They understand that owners want to fall in love with their car every time they walk towards it. Whether the sleek styling of a Mercedes-Benz coupe calls to you or the strength of a Land Rover Range Rover gets your heart pounding, there is something designed to fit every preference. However, the design of a luxury car revolves more around performance than looks. While it is great to have a car that turns heads, it is more important [...]

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Experience the Latest Audi Technology Next Month at the CES

Audi fans will be able to see and experience the latest electronics updates from the luxury brand at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show next month. Audi is proud to showcase the latest automotive technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV in January. The 2016 show is one of the largest electronics shows in the world and Audi will once again be sharing the latest innovations and vehicle models with participants. Audi tech experts will be in attendance to answer questions about the latest developments including hot topics such as alternative fuel options and piloted driving. Learn About Engineering Advancements Audi will be offering visitors a glimpse into the present and future of automotive technology which is expected to be heavily influenced by the fast-evolving electronics industry.   Advancements have already been made in recent years dealing with various forms of alternative energy including electric drive capabilities. Electric-powered and hybrid models are now available from Audi including the Audi A3 E-Tron and the Audi Q5 and Q7 hybrid which offer an unprecedented combination of performance and efficiency. Glimpse the Future of Autonomous Driving The biggest excitement this year, perhaps, is expected to be around Audi piloted driving. This technology [...]

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Tips for Saving Time and Money When Buying a New Luxury Car

Santa Barbara Auto Group offers tips for customers looking for a new or pre-owned luxury vehicle to help make their purchase experience easier. Purchasing a new car is an exciting and important decision. For this reason, it is important for customers to take time to research their top choices and consider all of their financial options. Whether it is your first purchase or time to trade in for a newer model, we offer some tips that will help guide you through the buying process to make it easier and more efficient. Decide on your Top Picks Before heading out to a dealership, it is often helpful to do some online research to determine what brands and models are your favorite.   There are many factors to consider including the kind of power, efficiency, performance, safety, technology, and functionality you need in a car. Do you have a favorite brand? Are there new or updated models you want to learn more about? Consider reviewing consumer choice lists from leading automotive journals or safety reviews from institutions such as the IIHS or NHTSA. New or Used? Once you have narrowed down your preferences, it is important to consider whether you want a new [...]

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Why Your Family Will Love the New Jaguar SUV

Jaguar is proud to present the all-new Jaguar F-PACE for families and drivers looking for the ultimate luxury performance SUV. In recent years, Jaguar has rededicated itself to providing innovative new designs and models that stand out from the crowd in a powerful way. With the introduction of these exciting new high-performance vehicles, the brand has sparked renewed attention and reached out to a new generation. Today’s drivers value more than just a flashy design and powerful engine – they want a vehicle that is also efficient, functional, and dynamic. Jaguar engineers understand this changing trend and have worked tirelessly to develop an innovative new vehicle that complements the existing Jaguar family by offering new performance and function capabilities. Progressive Design Meets Advanced Engineering To answer this call, Jaguar has revealed its latest innovative model: The All-New Jaguar F-PACE Performance SUV. Based on the C-X17 Concept car revealed two years ago in Frankfurt, this remarkable SUV offers premium performance and handling and efficient engineering while also delivering functional storage and towing capabilities. For the past two years, the engineering team at Jaguar has been meticulously developing this model from concept to reality and is very proud to present the finished [...]

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Mercedes-AMG GT S Features Exceptional Engineering Advantages

Mercedes-Benz and AMG have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind luxury sport performance vehicle that boasts a myriad of engineering innovations that give it a clear advantage on the track. There is no lack of remarkable engineering achievements in the current luxury sports performance industry. All over the world, automotive engineers are creating some of the fastest and most efficient vehicles ever and these incredible vehicle capabilities continue to improve with each passing year. One of the most remarkable new vehicles to enter the market recently is the result of two industry leaders working together to create something new and special. Mercedes-Benz and AMG have worked together to bring the Mercedes-AMG to the world this year and have given the vehicle a slew of unique qualities that propel it forwards as a leader in its class. The Mercedes-AMG GT is only the second car to be built by AMG and stays true to its racing heritage. The vehicle is built on an SLS platform modified for the new design. Once they had the base in place, AMG made no compromises as they engineered it for speed, agility, and exceptional handling. Impressive Power from a Unique V8 The heart of the [...]

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Jaguar to Add a Dynamic Third Luxury Performance Sedan in 2016

Jaguar will be releasing a third addition to the sedan line-up which features premium performance and innovative driving technology for a driving experience like no other. Santa Barbara, CA July 2015 - Jaguar will be releasing the Jaguar XE in 2016 which promises to deliver a more dynamic driving experience for drivers looking for an elevated level of handling, control, and precision performance. The Jaguar XE was built to redefine the sport sedan experience courtesy of a new aluminum intensive design and streamlined body structure. “Thanks to the advanced lightweight construction and precision design, the Jaguar XE performs at a higher rate of efficiency while still offering incredible power and control,” shares Jaguar Santa Barbara General Sales Manager, Scott Westbrook. The Jaguar XE was built to complete the Jaguar sedan offering below the XF and XJ models. The car is capable of 340hp thanks to a supercharged 3.0 liter V6 engine. Not for the faint of heart, drivers can race from 0-60mph in a rapid 4.9 seconds. The body of the car features a low profile and long wheelbase for optimal handling and minimal drag. Additionally, the XE will be available in a premium S model which features large front [...]

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