Study Suggests High-Fat Diets May Cause Lowered Sperm Count in Men

Recent study suggests a link between high-fat diets and lowered sperm count and sperm motility. While there are many different lifestyle factors that can reduce sperm count, current research has found that high-fat diets show a possible link to lower sperm concentration. A 2012 study was published in Human Reproduction and found that men who were on high-fat diets showed a 43% lower total sperm count and over 35% lower sperm concentration than men who were on a low-fat diet. For this reason, researchers encouraged men to consider their fat consumption when trying to increase their fertility. This falls in line with research reported by Scientific American that showed a correlation between high-fat dietary habits and lowered sperm count. The good news is that men can take steps to control their diet to reduce fats. By consuming a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables selecting lean meats, fish, or low-fat protein sources, men can increase their overall health and fertility. According to the study, saturated fat seemed to have the most significant effect reducing sperm quality and quantity. Reports showed that every 5% increase in saturated fat reduced sperm count by 38%. By avoiding saturated fats, men can prevent this [...]