Soave Plans Image and Outreach to Reflect Growth Goals

Soave Enterprises believes corporate growth is good.   For Anthony Soave, planned growth is even better. Over the past few years, Soave affiliate MPS Group has seen substantial growth with the development of diverse industry services and acquisition of new partners and clients.  In anticipation of this growth, MPS Group spent months of a full scale strategic planning process, after which they unveiled two of the most noticeable, public aspects of the growth plan. The company had created a new logo and a new website to more accurately reflect its mission and scope of services. “These efforts were part of our team’s well-designed and thoughtfully conceived plan,” explains Charlie Williams, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. “MPS Group designed the new website and logo as part of a concentrated effort to move forward and communicate who we are and what we do to our different audiences.” Previously, the MPS Group logo featured a United States map, which incorrectly implied its services were limited to U.S. based clients. Over the years, Soave Enterprises has proven that the success of its unique style is geographically scalable. In fact, MPS has been providing services in Canada for many years, and intends to further expand within [...]