Cats and Litter Boxes, How Do They Know?

Training made easy when instinct plays a factor Training a cat can be a trying, if not a futile endeavor, but when it comes to litter boxes, training becomes easy. While felines tend to have a mind of their own without a desire to follow human requests, their instinct to bury its business is evident quickly after birth. Whether feral or domesticated, the natural instinct to handle their waste is to cover it up. When you place your feline family member in an area where there is clean kitty litter in a private location, the business of doing business comes quite naturally. Though its human owner might consider this a sign of superior intelligence, the reality is it’s an easy task for cats to accomplish. Some might consider it a miracle, others might be awe-inspired, but most are thankful for the ease of this training driven by instinctual behavior. Understanding whose boss in the pack is a message easily conveyed Cats, feral or domesticated, choose to bury their waste to cover the scent from predators and competitors. In groups of feral cats, the dominant cats sometimes leave the feces uncovered to mark their territory, while those who are subordinate cover [...]